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Hong Kong mineral show - live report

Last Updated: 26th Jun 2016

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

And here we are in Hong Kong walking to the mineral show which opens today.

Getting our passes sorted now

Floor plan

Exhibitor list

Sorry about slow updates - still waiting for passes!

We just got in and immediately met Victor Tuzlukov and his wife

Collector's Edge

CEMI minerals

Roman high five with Bryal Lees

Miniatures at Kristalle


Big tourmaline

Gemdiam from Hong Kong have some interesting large pieces

Cornerstone minerals

Emerald with pyrite from Colombia - Cornerstone minerals.

Stephen Hui geological museum exhibit booth, with curator Petra Bach

One of Victor''s amazing cut stones

Dougal Pitt from HK Mineralogy Society selling minerals at the show.

Some of Dougal's minerals

Liddicoatite and Quartz from Madagascar, Collector's Edge. Sorry about slow updates have been in meetings all afternoon!

Rusgems Company have some lovely Ukrainian beryl within their gem rough material.

Rusgems Company have some lovely Ukrainian beryl within their gem rough material.

Lavender Quartz cut by Victor Tuzlukov, 57.08cts

The Balance - carving in smoky Quartz and blue chalcedony, by Slava Tulupov

Topaz and Tourmaline, Yoma Jewellery from Myanmar.

Tourmaline from Myanmar - Naing Family (Mogok) Gems& Jewellery Co.

Topaz from Myanmar - Nadi Kyaw

Back at the show today after a day off yesterday!

Sorry it's taking so long to report today - I have been in non stop meetings all day. The moment one ends someone comes up and wants to talk to me. I guess I've been out of Asia too long. Here's a nice Kristalle gold to help make up for it.

Korite are here from Canada with some incredible large Ammolite specimens and a large selection of Ammolite jewellery.

Mineral & Gem Research from Hong Kong have this wonderful "birds nest" if Quartz and Demantoid garnet.

And some sets of spinel crystals for on Myanmar.

Again from MGR, a synthetic moissanite ring

And hidden at the back of the cabinet an English "Oakstone" baryte!

Spinel sixlings from Myanmar - MGR

The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong have published a book about collectors in Hong Kong.

Scavenger Hunt gane

Can you answer all these questions right?

Got a new camera lens yesterday just launched here in Hong Kong - the Canon EF-M 28mm macro has a built in led light that you can use to illuminate items for macro photography.

Tanzanite crystals from New Era Gems

Now going to have a quick look in the associated Gem and Jewellery fair

I'm with Miro Ng giving the staff at UBM (the exhibition organisers) some expert guidance about good gemstones. At KGE Rough & Gems Co Lts

This is just one of many halls. This is dedicated to coloured gemstones.

Star sapphires - Bright Gems International (SrinLanka)

Last quick visit today to the show. Right now Katya is in the jewellery show so I'm doing dad duties.

Minemeralds from Colombia have some great cut Spanish sphalerites

And of course great emeralds in matrix from Colombia.

No shortage of kids filling in the competition sheets I showed yesterday

All the presentations this year were in Chinese, which makes more sense for the local audience

Mammoth ivory carvings - Granada gallery

Carved crystal vase from Henn of London

Large selection of meteorites from Sahara Overland LLC

More meteorites

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