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Last Updated: 14th Jul 2014

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

YOU can help - please read on to see how!

Mineral and Locality pages can now be sponsored in

Please read these terms and conditions fully in order to understand how this process works.

Mineral Page Sponsorship

This is an example of how this appears.

Click to see a live example on the page for Fluorite.

Locality Page Sponsorship

This is an example of how the sponsorship appears on a locality page.

Click to see a live example on the page for The Rogerley Mine, Country Durham, UK

What Sponsorship is For

Sponsorship is for individuals and organizations who wish support the future of this website by sponsoring one or more pages.

The money raised from sponsorship will be used to help develop further.

Links for Sponsors

By default a link will be provided at no extra charge to the user's home page (see the examples above).

If the sponsorship is a commercial sponsor then the link can optionally be set to go to an external website address of the sponsor's choice.

Rules of Sponsorship

Sponsorship can only begin once full payment for the year in advance has been received.

Sponsorship is paid on an annual basis, and page sponsors will always be given first refusal for continued sponsorship of pages they have sponsored.

Continued sponsorship will be offered at the rate agreed for the previous year.

Non-payment of sponsorship for a page will result in sponsorship being taken down and offered up for a new sponsor, either at the normal rate or by closed-bid auction depending on the popularity of the page and at the discretion of

If you no longer wish to sponsor pages you have paid to sponsor, your sponsorship can be revoked at any time, however please be aware that no refunds can be given under any circumstances.

In cases where a page becomes significantly lower-valued than before (for example, a mineral discredited, or a locality merged into another listing) you can request to switch your sponsorship to any other page open and available for sponsorship at no extra charge. reserves the right to cancel sponsorships in extreme circumstances where the sponsor may bring the site into disrepute. During this time the sponsor has the right to appeal to management group and the sponsorship for the page(s) involved will not be offered to anyone else during the appeal process. Refunds or partial refunds will only be offered at the discretion of the management team.

Cost of Sponsorship

Individuals pay $50 per year for sponsorship per page.
Organizations (mineral dealers, mineral clubs, mining companies, etc) pay $100 per year for sponsorship per page.

Payments are automatically processed via the PayPal system. You do not need a PayPal account to use this.

Currently Sponsored Pages

Use this link to view currently sponsored pages

Good Available Pages

Use this link to view popular pages still available for sponsorship

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Dear Jolyon, I imagine u are busy in Poland at this time but when you get around to it, plese action three years of sponsorship I paid in cash after your interesting open discussion in the Ballroom at Tucson this year. Re The Malbunka copper Mine/Areyonga site.



Dehne McLaughlin
22nd Apr 2011 8:14am
As I am probably one of the two original discoverers of the Poquonock River topaz site in Trumbull, Connecticut, I would be willing to sponsor that page, but the "Sponsorship" instruction page does not mention the cost or the mechanics of sponsorship. Please advise.

Mickey Marks
13th Nov 2011 8:29pm
If I click on a sponsor this page link it just sends me back to the mindat home page.

Roger Ericksen
18th Sep 2014 7:10pm
Our club's sponsorship of a locality page has expired. We didn't receive any notice that it was expiring, and there is no link on the page to renew the sponsorship--just a notice that it had expired. How should we proceed to renew it?

Ed Clopton
17th Dec 2014 2:03pm

I would like to sponsor the pages for the following localities: Stetind pegmatite and Ivigtût Cryolite Deposit.

Please send the invoice on $ 100.


OT. Ljostad

OT. Ljøstad
11th Jan 2016 8:48am
Once again our club's sponsorship of has expired without our receiving notice. Notice may have been sent in some form, but none arrived. Could the "sponsorship expired" message at the top of a page perhaps include a link to renew sponsorship? Could renewal reminders be sent via Mindat PM to avoid spam filter problems? I receive notices of PMs with no problem.

At any rate, we would like to renew sponsorship of this page. How do we do that?

Ed Clopton
22nd Mar 2017 3:17pm

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