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About CumengeiteHide

Pb21Cu20Cl42(OH)40 · 6H2O
Indigo blue
Specific Gravity:
Crystal System:
Named in honor of Bernard Louis Philippe Édouard Cumenge (16 April 1828, Castres, France - 20 July 1902, Paris, France), mining engineer at Boleo, Mexico. He collected the first specimens.

A secondary mineral.
May be confused with diaboleite.

Correct spelling defined by Burke (2008); other, incorrect spelling is cumengéite.

Classification of CumengeiteHide

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

D : Oxyhalides, hydroxyhalides and related double halides
B : With Pb, Cu, etc.
Dana 7th ed.:

6 : AmBn(O,OH)pXq

Physical Properties of CumengeiteHide

Indigo blue
2½ on Mohs scale
{101} good; {110} distinct; {001} Poor.
4.656 g/cm3 (Measured)    4.66 g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of CumengeiteHide

Uniaxial (-)
RI values:
nω = 2.026 - 2.041 nε = 1.926 - 1.965
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.100
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
Very High
O = darker blue with green tint
E = Pure blue

Chemical Properties of CumengeiteHide

Pb21Cu20Cl42(OH)40 · 6H2O

Crystallography of CumengeiteHide

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
4/mmm (4/m 2/m 2/m) - Ditetragonal Dipyramidal
Space Group:
Cell Parameters:
a = 15.065(2) Å, c = 24.436(5) Å
a:c = 1 : 1.622
Unit Cell V:
5,545.85 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Octahedral or cubo-octahedral crystals. Commonly on the faces of boleite or pseudoboleite.

Epitaxial Relationships of CumengeiteHide

Epitaxial Minerals:
Epitaxy Comments:
Parallel overgrowths of cumengite on crystals of boleite and pseudoboleite.

X-Ray Powder DiffractionHide

Powder Diffraction Data:
7.02 Å(4)
4.86 Å(9)
3.98 Å(4)
3.73 Å(6)
3.08 Å(4)
2.66 Å(4)
2.38 Å(10)

Geological EnvironmentHide

Geological Setting:
Secondary zone of lead deposits. Smelter slag immersed in sea water.

Type Occurrence of CumengeiteHide

Synonyms of CumengeiteHide

Other Language Names for CumengeiteHide

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
24 photos of Cumengeite associated with BoleiteKPb26Ag9Cu24(OH)48Cl62
12 photos of Cumengeite associated with PseudoboleitePb31Cu24Cl62(OH)48
7 photos of Cumengeite associated with CerussitePbCO3
5 photos of Cumengeite associated with ParatacamiteCu3(Cu,Zn)(OH)6Cl2
4 photos of Cumengeite associated with DiaboleitePb2CuCl2(OH)4
4 photos of Cumengeite associated with CupriteCu2O
4 photos of Cumengeite associated with BaryteBaSO4
3 photos of Cumengeite associated with GypsumCaSO4 · 2H2O
3 photos of Cumengeite associated with ClinoatacamiteCu2(OH)3Cl
3 photos of Cumengeite associated with MimetitePb5(AsO4)3Cl

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

3.DB.RickturneritePb7O4[Mg(OH)4](OH)Cl3Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pnma
3.DB.05DiaboleitePb2CuCl2(OH)4Tet. 4mm : P4mm
3.DB.10PseudoboleitePb31Cu24Cl62(OH)48Tet. 4/mmm (4/m 2/m 2/m) : I4/mmm
3.DB.15BoleiteKPb26Ag9Cu24(OH)48Cl62Iso. m3m (4/m 3 2/m) : Pm3m
3.DB.25BideauxitePb2AgCl3(F,OH)2Iso. m3m (4/m 3 2/m) : Fd3m
3.DB.30ChloroxiphitePb3CuO2Cl2(OH)2Mon. 2/m : P21/m
3.DB.35HematophanitePb4Fe3O8(OH,Cl)Tet. 4/mmm (4/m 2/m 2/m)
3.DB.40AsisitePb7SiO9Cl2Tet. 4/mmm (4/m 2/m 2/m) : I4/mmm
3.DB.45MurdochitePbCu6O8-x(Cl,Br)2x where x<=0.5Iso. m3m (4/m 3 2/m) : Fm3m
3.DB.50YedlinitePb6Cr3+Cl6(O,OH,H2O)8Trig. 3 : R3

Other InformationHide

Soluble in HNO3.
Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for CumengeiteHide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
Mallard F E (1893) Sur la boléite, la cumengéite et la percylite. Bulletin de la Société Française de Minéralogie 16, 184-195
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Hawthorne, F. C.; Groat, L. A. (1986): The crystal structure and chemical composition of cumengeite. Mineralalogical Magazine: 50, 157-162.
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Cruciani, G., Orlandi, P., Pasero, M., Russo, M. (2005): First Italian occurrence of cumengéite from Vesuvio: crystal structure refinement and revision of the chemical formula. Mineralogical Magazine, 69, 1037-1045.
Burke, E. A. J. (2008): Tidying up Mineral Names: An IMA scheme for Suffixes, Hyphens and Diacritical Marks. Mineralogical Record, 39, 131-135.

Internet Links for CumengeiteHide

Localities for CumengeiteHide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • New South Wales
    • Yancowinna Co.
      • Broken Hill district
Worner, H. K. and Mitchell, R. W., eds. Birch, W. D. (et al) (1982) Minerals of Broken Hill, published by Australian Mining & Smelting Limited ISBN 0-909221-18-9
  • South Australia
    • Mt Lofty Ranges
      • South Mt Lofty Ranges (Adelaide Hills)
        • Chandlers Hill
Kolitsch, U. and Elliott, P. (1999): Mineralogy of the Mount Malvern Mine near Clarendon, South Australia. Australian J. Mineral. 5, 3-17.
  • Tasmania
    • Central Coast municipality
      • Penguin
Bottrill, R.S., Baker, W.E. (2008) A Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania. Geological Survey Tasmania Bulletin 73, 254 pages.
  • Western Australia
    • Ashburton Shire
Nickel, E.H., Gartrell, B.J. (1993) Secondary Minerals of Ashburton Downs Western Australia, Mineralogical Record (May-June 1993) 24:3: 203-218.
Ashburtonite, a new bicarbonate-silicate mineral from Ashburton Downs; J.D. Grice, E.H. Nickel, R.A. Gault; American Mineralogist, Vol 76, 001701-1707, 1991
    • Northampton Shire
Downes, P.J., Deacon, G.L., Grguric, B.A., Bevan, A.W.R., Blockley, J., Verrall, M. (2017): Minerals of the Northampton Lead-Copper Field Western Australia, Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 18 (1), 35-49.
Downes, P.J., Deacon, G.L., Grguric, B.A., Bevan, A.W.R., Blockley, J., Verrall, M. (2017), Minerals of the Northampton Lead-Copper Field Western Australia, Australian Journal of Mineralogy, Vol 18 (1), pp 42, June 2017
  • Carinthia
    • Sankt Veit an der Glan District
      • Hüttenberg
        • Hüttenberg
          • Waitschach
Kolitsch, U., Brandstätter, F., Schreiber, F., Fink, R. & Auer, C. (2013): Die Mineralogie der weltweit einzigartigen Schlacken von Waitschach, Kärnten. Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A, 115, 19-87 (in German).
  • Antofagasta
    • Antofagasta Province
      • Antofagasta
Arfè, G., Boni, M., Mondillo, N., Aiello, R., Balassone, G., Arseneau, V. and Soyk, D. (2016): Supergene alteration in the Capricornio Au-Ag epithermal vein system, Antofagasta Region, Chile. Can. Mineral. 54, 681-706.
    • Tocopilla Province
      • Gatico District
Sample analysed by Dr. Jochen Schluter (Hamburg University), Germany.
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
    • Var
      • Le Pradet
Cap Garonne museum specimen - EDS analysis by Association Jean Wyart, 2009
  • Lower Saxony
    • Goslar
      • Goslar
        • Astfeld
van den Berg, W. & van Loon, C. (1990): Slag Minerals from the Rammelsberg, Harz Mountains, Germany. UK Journal of Mines & Minerals, 8, 18-23.
      • Langelsheim
        • Lautenthal
Karl Volkman collection
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
    • The Ruhr
      • Essen
Weiss, S. (1990) Mineralfundstellen Atlas, Deutschland West. Weise Verlag, München, 320 pages.
  • Attica
    • East Attica
      • Lavreotiki
        • Lavrion District Mines
          • Sounion area
            • Sounion Mines
J. Gröbner und U. Kolitsch (2002): Neufunde von Laurion aus den Jahren 2001 und 2002. Aufschluss 53 (5-6), 363-371.
Grolig, H. & Grolig, E. (1978): Lavrion in Attika. Lapis, 3 (5), 16-25; 40 (in German).
          • Agios Nikolaos [St Nicholas] area
Fritz Schreiber collection (U. Kolitsch SXRD analysis)
          • Sounion area
Fritz Schreiber collection (Uwe Kolitsch SXRD-analysis)
Ko Jansen collection
Gelaude, Piet, van Kalmthout, Piet and Rewitzer, Christian, (1996) Laurion: The Minerals in the Ancient Slags, Janssen Print, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
          • Thorikos area
Gelaude, Piet, van Kalmthout, Piet and Rewitzer, Christian (1996) Laurion: The Minerals in the Ancient Slags, Janssen Print, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
          • Vrissaki area
Gelaude, Piet, van Kalmthout, Piet, and Rewitzer, Christian (1996) Laurion: The Minerals in the Ancient Slags, Janssen Print, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Campania
    • Naples
      • Somma-Vesuvius Complex
Russo, M., Punzo, I. (2004): I minerali del Somma-Vesuvio, AMI
  • Lazio
    • Metropolitan City of Rome Capital
      • Anzio
Marco Bonifazi collection; Palombi, S., Bellatreccia, F. & Pucci, R. (2009): Le scorie metallurgiche di Tor Caldara, Anzio - RM. Il Cercapietre, no. 1-2, 44-56. [http://www.gminromano.it/Cercapietre/rivista09/art03.pdf]
  • Liguria
    • Genoa
      • Genoa
        • Varenna Valley
Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 22 (3), 39-41.
  • Sardinia
    • South Sardinia Province
      • Sarrabus-Gerrei
        • Gerrei
          • Villaputzu
Orlandi, P. & Campostrini, I. (2005): Zibaldone. Aggiornamenti di mineralogia italiana 2004. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 3/2005, 184-191.
  • Tuscany
    • Livorno Province
      • Campigliese (Campiglia Mountains; Campiglia Ridge)
        • Campiglia Marittima
          • Madonna di Fucinaia (Madonna della Fucinaia) slag heaps
        • Sassetta
          • Canina Valley
Jansen, H. & van den Berg, W. (1998): Slakkenmineralen in Toscane (Italië). Gea, no. 4, 109-117 (in Dutch).
        • Suvereto
Luigi Chiappino data
      • Piombino
Franzini, M., Perchiazzi, N. (1992): I minerali delle scorie ferrifere etrusche di Baratti (Livorno). Atti della Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Memorie, Serie A, 99, 43-77; Franzini, M., Perchiazzi, N., Bartoli, M.L., Chiappino, L. (1992): Baratti (LI): una nuova località mineralogica italiana analoga al Laurion. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 15, 1 (1-1992), 1-14 [1a parte]; Cerutti, G., Preite, D. (1995): Mineralien der etruskischen Schlacken von Baratti, Toskana. Lapis, 20, 4, 13-18 and 50.
Mexico (TL)
  • Baja California Sur
    • Mulegé Municipality
      • Santa Rosalía
Bull.Soc.fr.Min.Crist. 16 (1893), 184; Palache, C., Berman, H., & Frondel, C. (1951), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, Yale University 1837-1892, Volume II: 80; Mineralogical Record 5 (1973), 280-87; Min Mag 50 (1986), 157
          • Arroyo de la Soledad
Rocks & Min.:63:390.; 2009 New Mexico Mineral Symposium abstracts
          • Arroyo del Boleo
  • Nordland
    • Tysfjord
Husdal, T. (2019) Nyfunn av mineraler fra Tysfjord-pegmatittene, Nordland. Norsk Mineralsymposium 2019: 31-46
  • Banská Bystrica Region
    • Revúca District
      • Nandraž
Koděra et all.,1990: Topografická mineralógia Slovenska, I-III, 1590p
  • Asturias
Calvo Rebollar, M. y Viñals i Olia, J. (2018). Cotunnita, cumengeita, diaboleita y otros minerales secundarios de plomo y cobre en la mina "La Reixidora", Monte Bedures, Meredo, Vegadeo (Asturias). Revista de Minerales, 7 (1), 26-30.
      • Meredo
        • Bedures hill (Vidures hill)
Calvo Rebollar, M. and Viñals i Olia, J. (2018). Cotunnita, cumengeita, diaboleita y otros minerales secundarios de plomo y cobre en la mina "La Reixidora", Monte Bedures, Meredo, Vegadeo (Asturias). Revista de Minerales, 7 (1), 26-30.
  • Balkan
    • Cheleken Peninsula
Lebedev, L.M., Nikitina, J.B. (1983): The Cheleken ore forming system. Russ. Acad. Sci., Moscow (in Russian.)
  • England
    • Cornwall
      • Crantock
BMS Newsletter 79, March 2010 (http://britishmicromountsociety.homestead.com/Gannell-Smelter.html)
      • Falmouth
Goley, P. and Williams R. (1995) Cornish Mineral Reference Manual. Endsleigh Publications; Allan C. Dean, Robert F. Symes, John H. Thomas and Peter A. Williams (1983) Cumengéite from Cornwall. Mineralogical Magazine 47:235-236.
      • Feock
        • Penpol
Steve Sorrell collection
      • Newquay
No reference listed
No reference listed
        • Trevelgue
No reference listed
      • Padstow
        • Gunver Head
Goley, P. and Williams R. (1995) Cornish Mineral Reference Manual. Endsleigh Publications
      • Perranzabuloe
        • Perranporth
          • Perran St George and Droskyn Mines
George Eric Stanley Curtis specimen
      • St Just
        • Botallack
[Journal of the Russell Society, 6(1), 17-26 (1995)]
      • St Minver
        • Trebetherick
No reference listed
  • Wales
    • Gwynedd
      • Lleyn Peninsula
        • Llanengan
          • Abersoch
Dossett, I. & Green, D.I., 1998. Atacamite, botallackite and cumengeite from Abersoch, Gwynedd, Wales. Journal of the Russell Society 7(1), 37-38.
  • Arizona
    • Maricopa Co.
      • Osborn Mining District
        • Tonopah
          • Belmont Mountain
Collected by and in the collection of Joe Ruiz. Analyzed by the University of Arizona.
      • Painted Rock Mountains
        • Painted Rock Mining District
          • Theba
Raman ID on 2007 material; Michael Cline. Confirmed via single crystal X-ray by Dr. Marcus Origlieri.; Bob Meyer (2011) The Micro Mineral Collector. Friends of Mineralogy - Pacific Northwest Chapter Newsletter
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