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About TelluriteHide

White to yellow, bright yellow to orange-yellow; nearly colourless in transmitted light
Specific Gravity:
5.88 - 5.92
Crystal System:
Named for its tellurium content.
Dimorph of:
This page provides mineralogical data about Tellurite.

Classification of TelluriteHide

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

4 : OXIDES (Hydroxides, V[5,6] vanadates, arsenites, antimonites, bismuthites, sulfites, selenites, tellurites, iodates)
D : Metal: Oxygen = 1:2 and similar
E : With medium-sized cations; with various polyhedra

4 : AX2

7 : Oxides and Hydroxides
17 : Oxides of Se and Te

Physical Properties of TelluriteHide

White to yellow, bright yellow to orange-yellow; nearly colourless in transmitted light
Perfect on {010}.
5.88 - 5.92 g/cm3 (Measured)    5.83 g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of TelluriteHide

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 2.000 nβ = 2.180 nγ = 2.350
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.350
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
Very High
relatively weak

Chemical Properties of TelluriteHide

CAS Registry number:

CAS Registry numbers are published by the American Chemical Society

Crystallography of TelluriteHide

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) - Dipyramidal
Cell Parameters:
a = 5.6 Å, b = 12.03 Å, c = 5.46 Å
a:b:c = 0.466 : 1 : 0.454
Unit Cell V:
367.83 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Acicular [001] and thin laths {010}, often striated [001]. Grouped in tufts and in spherical masses with a radiated structure. Powdery coatings.

Type Occurrence of TelluriteHide

Synonyms of TelluriteHide

Other Language Names for TelluriteHide

Simplified Chinese:黄碲矿

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
11 photos of Tellurite associated with SpiroffiteMn2+2Te4+3O8
7 photos of Tellurite associated with ParatelluriteTeO2
6 photos of Tellurite associated with TelluriumTe
5 photos of Tellurite associated with Denningite(Mn2+,Ca,Zn)Te4+2O5
5 photos of Tellurite associated with ZemanniteMg0.5ZnFe3+(Te4+O3)3 · 4.5H2O
4 photos of Tellurite associated with QuartzSiO2
3 photos of Tellurite associated with MroseiteCaTe4+(CO3)O2
1 photo of Tellurite associated with WinstanleyiteTiTe4+3O8
1 photo of Tellurite associated with EmmonsiteFe3+2(TeO3)3 · 2H2O
1 photo of Tellurite associated with ProtojoséiteBi3(Te,S)2

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

4.DE.10Koragoite(Mn2+,Fe3+)3(Nb,Ta,Ti)2(Nb,Mn)2(W,Ta)2O20Mon. 2 : P21
4.DE.15KoechliniteBi2MoO6Orth. mm2 : Pna21
4.DE.15TungstibiteSb3+2WO6Orth. 2 2 2
4.DE.30BismutocolumbiteBi(Nb,Ta)O4Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m)
4.DE.30StibiotantaliteSb(Ta,Nb)O4Orth. mm2
4.DE.30StibiocolumbiteSb(Nb,Ta)O4Orth. mm2
4.DE.35BaddeleyiteZrO2Mon. 2/m : P21/b

Related Minerals - Dana Grouping (8th Ed.)Hideα-PbO2Orth.

Related Minerals - Hey's Chemical Index of Minerals GroupingHide


Other InformationHide

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for TelluriteHide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
Petz, W. (1842), Ann. Phys. Chem., 57, 478 (as tellurige Säure).
Krenner (1886), Term. Füz.: 10: 81, 106.
Ito (1933), Journal Geol. Soc. Tokyo: 40: 613.
Kato, Shibata, and Nakamoto (1933), Journal Geol. Soc. Tokyo: 40: 233.
Palache, Charles, Harry Berman & Clifford Frondel (1944), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana Yale University 1837-1892, Volume I: Elements, Sulfides, Sulfosalts, Oxides. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York. 7th edition, revised and enlarged: 593-595.
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie: 124: 228-237.
Journal of the Mineral Society of Japan (1981): 15: 6.

Internet Links for TelluriteHide

Localities for TelluriteHide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • Styria
    • Leoben District
      • Kammern im Liesingtal
        • Seiz
          • Wolfsgruben (Wolfgruben)
Auer, C. (2019): Die Mineralien der Wolfsgrube bei Seiz im Liesingtal. Der Steirische Mineralog, 34, 5-11.
    • Murau District
      • Neumarkt in der Steiermark
        • Dürnstein
Auer, Ch. (2019): 2136) Seltene Erzeinschlüsse vom Manganvorkommen bei Dürnstein in der Steiermark - ein Vorbericht. p. 298-301 in Walter, F. et al. (2019): Neue Mineralfunde aus Österreich LXVIII. Carinthia II, 209./129., 237-326.
  • Ontario
    • Sudbury District
      • Norman Township
Ames, D.E., Kjarsgaard, I.M., and Douma, S.L., (2003), Sudbury Ni-Cu-PGE Ore Mineralogy Compilation: Sudbury Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI): Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 1787
      • Wisner Township
Kjarsgaard, I. M., & Ames, D. E. (2010, June). Ore mineralogy of Cu-Ni-PGE deposits in the North Range footwall environment, Sudbury, Canada. In 11th international platinum symposium, program abstracts, Ontario Geological Survey, miscellaneous release-data (Vol. 269).
    • Timiskaming District
      • Bannockburn Township
D. C. Harris, W. D. Sinclair, and R. I. Thorpe (1983) Telluride minerals from the Ashley Deposit, Bannockburn Township, Ontario. Can Mineral 21: 137-143
  • Coquimbo
    • Elqui Province
      • El Indio deposit
M.Dini collectioni - analysed with EDX, PDf & microprobe (by dr. Jochen Schluter); Deyell, C. L., Rye, R. O., Landis, G. P., & Bissig, T. (2005). Alunite and the role of magmatic fluids in the Tambo high-sulfidation deposit, El Indio–Pascua belt, Chile. Chemical Geology, 215(1), 185-218.
Back, M.E., Grice, J.D., Gault, R.A., Criddle, A.J. & Mandarino, J.A. (1999): Walfordite, a new tellurite from the Wendy open pit, El Indio - Tambo mining property, Chile. Canadian Mineralogist 37, 1261-1268.
  • Hebei
    • Zhangjiakou
      • Chongli District
        • Shuiquangou Complex
Jiuling Li, Makovicky, E., Rose Hansen, J., Petersen, S.B., Feng Qi, Yanhe Cui, and Qingsheng Xu (2001): Geoscience 15(2), 189-196
Czech Republic
  • Karlovy Vary Region
    • Karlovy Vary District
      • Jáchymov
Vogl (1857) Gangverhaltn. und Mineralreich, Joachimsthal, Teplitz: 169; Palache et al (1951), Dana's System of Mineralogiy, 7th. ed., Vol. 2: 262.
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    • Loire
      • Saint-Etienne
        • La Ricamarie
Laurent, H. (1995) - Minéralisations des houillères embrasées, Le Règne Minéral,(2), 41-45.
  • Occitanie
    • Lozère
      • Saint-Amans
        • Estables
Patrice Queneau Collection
  • Heves County
    • Gyöngyössolymos
  • Hokkaidō
    • Sapporo
      • Nishi-ku
井伊博行, & 岡田昭彦. (1991). 北海道札幌市小別沢鉱山産のテルル鉱物 (Poughite, Frohbergite, Melonite) について. 鉱物学雜誌, 20(3), 89-92.
島倉広至, 三浦貴生, 浜根大輔, 松枝大治, & 三浦裕行. (2015). 北海道手稲鉱山産 Te, Bi, As 鉱物. 北海道大学地球物理学研究報告, 78, 19-35.
Zemann, A., and Zemann, J. (1960): Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 7, 436-438.; Yosimura, T. (1939): Teineite, a new tellurate mineral from the Teine mine, Hokkaido, Japan. J. Fac. Sci. Hokkaido Univ. IV 4, 465.
  • Shizuoka
    • Shimoda City
      • Rendaiji
(Masutomi Museum specimen, Kyoto; Yamada, S. (2004) Nihonsan-koubutsu Gojuon-hairetsu Sanchi-ichiranhyou (111 pp.)
Yamada, S. (2004) Nihonsankoubutsu Gojuonhairetsu sanchi-ichiranhyou. p 60.
  • Sonora
    • Cananea Municipality
J F Carpenter
    • Moctezuma Municipality
      • Moctezuma
No reference listed
Lapis 2001(1), 11-40
  • Mandalay Region
    • Pyin-Oo-Lwin District
Pavel M. Kartashov analytical data, Sieghard Ellenberger specimens
  • Lower Silesian Voivodeship
    • Kamienna Góra County
      • Gmina Kamienna Góra
        • Rędziny
Parafiniuk J. 2003: Secondary bismuth and tellurium minerals from Rędziny (SW Poland). Mineralogia Polonica, vol. 34, no.2, 3-14
Romania (TL)
  • Alba
    • Zlatna (Zalatna; Zalathna)
Dana 4:502
  • Hunedoara
    • Deva
      • Bocşa Mare
Andrei Ionuț Apopei, Gheorghe Damian, Nicolae Buzgar, Andrei Buzatu (2016): Mineralogy and geochemistry of Pb–Sb/As-sulfosalts from Coranda-Hondol ore deposit (Romania) — Conditions of telluride deposition. Ore Geology Reviews 72, 857-873.
No reference listed
    • Stănija (Sztanizsa)
Cook, N. J., & Ciobanu, C. L. (2003). Cervelleite, Ag4TeS, from three localities in Romania, substitution of Cu, and the occurrence of the associated phase, Ag2Cu2TeS. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie-Monatshefte, 2003(7), 321-336.
  • Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
    • Ilirney ore district
Nikolaev, Y. N., Prokof’ev, V. Y., Apletalin, A. V., Vlasov, E. A., Baksheev, I. A., Kal’ko, I. A., & Komarova, Y. S. (2013). Gold-telluride mineralization of the Western Chukchi Peninsula, Russia: mineralogy, geochemistry, and formation conditions. Geology of Ore Deposits, 55(2), 96-124.
  • Kamchatka Krai
V.A. Kovalenker, O.Yu. Plotinskaya (2005): Te and Se mineralogy of Ozernovskoe and Prasolovskoe epithermal gold deposits, Kuril – Kamchatka volcanic belt. Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology 43, 118-123. [http://www.geology.bas.bg/mineralogy/gmp_files/gmp43/Kovalenker.pdf]
  • Primorsky Krai
    • Dalnegorsk Urban District
      • Dalnegorsk
Dana 7:I:594.
  • Sakhalin Oblast
    • Kuril Islands (Kurile Islands)
      • Kunashir Island
P.M. Kartashov data
  • Zabaykalsky Krai
    • Buriatia Republic (Buryatia)
      • Okinsky District
        • Muya District
Pekov, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Ocean Pictures, Moscow
  • Andalusia
    • Almería
      • Níjar
        • Rodalquilar
Analysis performed at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Ignacio Gaspar).
  • Arizona
    • Cochise County
[MinRec 24:421]
Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed.: 389; Graeme, R. (1993), Bisbee revisited, Min.Rec.: 24: 421-436.
  • California
    • Mono Co.
      • Bodie Hills
        • Masonic Mining District
          • Masonic Mountain
MarekC collection, 2017
  • Colorado
    • Boulder Co.
      • Balarat Mining District
Dana 7:I:594 & Dana 6:1089.
      • Gold Hill Mining District
        • Gold Hill
Note from mine geologist, 2005. Richard Smith Collection
      • Jamestown Mining District
Dana 6:11 & Dana 7:I:594.
      • Magnolia Mining District
Dana 6: 11, 980; Dana 7:I: 594.
Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckel
      • Sugarloaf Mining District
Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckel
    • Gunnison Co.
      • Vulcan Mining District (Cebolla Mining District; Domingo Mining District)
        • Vulcan
Dana 7:I:199,594 & II:508.
    • Hinsdale Co.
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckel, E. B.
    • San Juan Co.
      • Poughkeepsie Gulch
Dana 7:I:446, 476; Dana 6:114, 1091; Neues Jahrb. Mineral. Mon.:555-576 (1992).
    • Teller Co.
      • Cripple Creek Mining District
Min Rec 36:2 pp143-185
Min Rec 36:2 pp143-185
Min Rec 36:2 pp143-185; USGS Professional Paper 54
  • Nevada
    • Esmeralda Co.
      • Goldfield Mining District
        • Goldfield
NBMG Spec. Pub. 31 Minerals of Nevada
NBMG Spec Pub 31 Minerals of Nevada
NBMG Spec. Pub. 31 Minerals of Nevada
Rocks & Minerals, Nov. 1999
NBMG Spec. Pub. 31 Minerals of Nevada
    • Nye Co.
      • Toquima Range
NBMG Spec Pub 31 Minerals of Nevada
  • New Mexico
    • Catron Co.
      • Wilcox Mining District
        • Lone Pine Hill area
Northrop, Minerals of New Mexico, 3rd Rev. Ed., 1996
  • South Dakota
    • Custer Co.
      • Custer Mining District
SDSMT Bull 18 Roberts and Rapp "Mineralogy of the Black Hills"
  • Utah
    • Juab Co.
      • Drum Mts
        • Detroit Mining District (Drum Mining District; Joy Mining District)
Raudsepp, M., Coolbaugh, M.F., McCormack, J.K., Czech, E. and McMillan, R. (2019) Andymcdonaldite, IMA 2018-141. CNMNC Newsletter No. 49, June 2019, page xxx; Mineralogical Magazine, 83: 323–328.
      • Tintic Mining District
        • Eureka
Collected by and in the collection of Brent Thorne.
        • Mammoth
          • Mammoth Peak
Chuck Adan collection
Collected by and in the collection of Brent Thorne. Raman analyzed by Bob Housley.
    • Utah Co.
SEM EDS confirmed by Rob Bowell.
  • Tashkent
    • Okhangaron District
Evseev, A. A. (1995) Kazaknstan and Middle Asia. A brief Mineralogical Guide. World of Stone 8:24-30; Plotinskaya, O. Y., Kovalenker, V. A., Seltmann, R., & Stanley, C. J. (2006). Te and Se mineralogy of the high-sulfidation Kochbulak and Kairagach epithermal gold telluride deposits (Kurama Ridge, Middle Tien Shan, Uzbekistan). Mineralogy and Petrology, 87(3-4), 187-207.
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