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About PicropharmacoliteHide

Ca4Mg(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 11H2O
White; colorless in transmitted light.
Sub-Vitreous, Silky, Pearly
1 - 2
Specific Gravity:
2.55 - 2.64
Crystal System:
Named by Friedrich Stromeyer in 1819 from the Greek πικροζ = bitter in allusion to its composition, containing magnesia, and φάρμακον ("pharmakon"), a substance with potent properties (a poison, but may also mean a drug or medicine; cf. pharmacy, pharmaceutical etc.) Picropharmacolite is not structurally related to pharmacolite despite its name as well as the chemical and physical similarity.
Usually found as small to microscopic pearly white botryoids with a radiating structure internally, also commonly as silky fibrous aggregates or small acicular crystals.

Classification of PicropharmacoliteHide

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

C : Phosphates without additional anions, with H2O
H : With large and medium-sized cations, RO4:H2O < 1:1
Dana 7th ed.:

2 : (AB)5[HXO4]2[XO4]2.xH2O

20 : Arsenates (also arsenates with phosphate, but without other anions)
2 : Arsenates of Be, Mg, Ca or Ba

Physical Properties of PicropharmacoliteHide

Sub-Vitreous, Silky, Pearly
Transparent, Translucent
White; colorless in transmitted light.
1 - 2 on Mohs scale
Hardness Data:
Hardness may be higher
On {100} and {010}, perfect.
Fibrous, Micaceous
2.55 - 2.64 g/cm3 (Measured)    2.58 g/cm3 (Calculated)
Measured value on Joplin, Missouri, material.

Optical Data of PicropharmacoliteHide

Biaxial (+)
RI values:
nα = 1.556 - 1.566 nβ = 1.566 - 1.571 nγ = 1.577 - 1.585
Measured: 50°
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.021
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
r < v strong
Optical Extinction:
Z ^ c = 8°-15°, X=b
Earlier reports of higher refractive indices probably made erroneously on another species.

Chemical Properties of PicropharmacoliteHide

Ca4Mg(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 11H2O
IMA Formula:
Ca4Mg(AsO3OH)2(AsO4)2 · 11H2O

Crystallography of PicropharmacoliteHide

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
1 - Pinacoidal
Space Group:
Cell Parameters:
a = 13.547 Å, b = 13.500 Å, c = 6.710 Å
α = 99.85°, β = 96.41°, γ = 91.60°
a:b:c = 1.003 : 1 : 0.497
Unit Cell V:
1,200.12 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Crystals are most commonly acicular and in radial to divergent clusters, rarely as rectangular prisms elongated on [001]; more typically open spherical clusters to botryoidal with a radiating foliated internal structure, or as fibrous aggregates.
None reported.
Am Min (1981) 66:385 structure.

Crystal StructureHide

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IDSpeciesReferenceLinkYearLocalityPressure (GPa)Temp (K)
0000825PicropharmacoliteCatti M, Ferraris G, Ivaldi G (1981) The crystal structure of picropharmacolite, Ca4Mg(HAsO4)2(AsO4)2*11H2O American Mineralogist 66 385-39119810293
CIF Raw Data - click here to close

X-Ray Powder DiffractionHide

Powder Diffraction Data:
ICDD 14-222

Geological EnvironmentHide

Geological Setting:
A secondary mineral found in the oxidized zones of metal ore deposits rich in arsenic; usually post-mine.

Type Occurrence of PicropharmacoliteHide

Geological Setting of Type Material:
Surface weathering of arsenic-bearing ores on a mineral mine dump

Synonyms of PicropharmacoliteHide

Arsenicite (in part)

Other Language Names for PicropharmacoliteHide

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
31 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with GuériniteCa5(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 9H2O
20 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with RealgarAs4S4
19 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with ErythriteCo3(AsO4)2 · 8H2O
18 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with CalciteCaCO3
18 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with OrpimentAs2S3
17 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with SainfelditeCa5(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)2 · 4H2O
10 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with PharmacoliteCa(HAsO4) · 2H2O
6 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with DolomiteCaMg(CO3)2
6 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with OrschalliteCa3(SO3)2(SO4) · 12H2O
4 photos of Picropharmacolite associated with RauenthaliteCa3(AsO4)2 · 10H2O

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

8.CH.05WalentaiteFe3+3(P0.84As0.16O4)2(O,OH)6As3+2.56Ca0.42Na0.28Mn2+0.35Fe2+0.30O6.1(OH)0.9(H2O)0.9Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Imma
8.CH.10AnapaiteCa2Fe2+(PO4)2 · 4H2OTric. 1 : P1
8.CH.20Dittmarite(NH4)Mg(PO4) · H2OOrth.
8.CH.20Niahite(NH4)(Mn2+,Mg)(PO4) · H2OOrth. mm2 : Pmn21
8.CH.25FrancoanelliteK3Al5(PO3OH)6(PO4)2 · 12H2OTrig.
8.CH.25Taranakite(K,NH4)Al3(PO4)3(OH) · 9H2OTrig. 3m (3 2/m) : R3c
8.CH.30Schertelite(NH4)2MgH2(PO4)2 · 4H2OOrth.
8.CH.35Hannayite(NH4)2Mg3H4(PO4)4 · 8H2OTric. 1 : P1
8.CH.40Struvite(NH4)Mg(PO4) · 6H2OOrth. mm2
8.CH.40Struvite-(K)KMg(PO4) · 6H2OOrth. mm2 : Pmn21
8.CH.40HazeniteKNaMg2(PO4)2 · 14H2OOrth. mm2
8.CH.45Rimkorolgite(Mg,Mn)5(Ba,Sr,Ca)(PO4)4 · 8H2OOrth.
8.CH.50BakhchisaraitseviteNa2Mg5(PO4)4 · 7H2OMon.
8.CH.55FahleiteCaZn5Fe3+2(AsO4)6 · 14H2OOrth.
8.CH.55SmolyaninoviteCo3Fe3+2(AsO4)4 · 11H2OOrth.
8.CH.60Barahonaite-(Al)(Ca,Cu,Na,Fe3+,Al)12Al2(AsO4)8(OH,Cl)x · nH2OMon. 2/m : P2/b
8.CH.60Barahonaite-(Fe)(Ca,Cu,Na,Fe3+,Al)12Fe3+2(AsO4)8(OH,Cl)x · nH2OMon. 2/m : P2/b

Related Minerals - Hey's Chemical Index of Minerals GroupingHide

20.2.1BearsiteBe2(AsO4)(OH) · 4H2OMon.
20.2.2BrassiteMg(HAsO4) · 4H2OOrth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pbca
20.2.3RößleriteMg(HAsO4) · 7H2OMon. 2/m : B2/b
20.2.4HörnesiteMg3(AsO4)2 · 8H2OMon. 2/m : B2/m
20.2.5WeiliteCa(HAsO4)Tric. 1 : P1
20.2.6JohnbaumiteCa5(AsO4)3OHHex. 6/m : P63/m
20.2.7HaidingeriteCaHAsO4 · H2OOrth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pbcn
20.2.8PharmacoliteCa(HAsO4) · 2H2OMon. m
20.2.9SainfelditeCa5(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)2 · 4H2OMon. 2/m : B2/b
20.2.10VladimiriteCa4(AsO4)2(AsO3OH) · 4H2OMon. 2/m : P21/b
20.2.11GuériniteCa5(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 9H2OMon. 2/m : P21/b
20.2.12FerrarisiteCa5(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 9H2OTric. 1 : P1
20.2.13RauenthaliteCa3(AsO4)2 · 10H2OTric. 1 : P1
20.2.14PhaunouxiteCa3(AsO4)2 · 11H2OTric.
20.2.15McneariteNaCa5(AsO4)(HAsO4)4 · 4H2OTric.
20.2.16BergslagiteCaBeAsO4(OH)Mon. 2/m : P21/b
20.2.17AdeliteCaMg(AsO4)(OH)Orth. 2 2 2 : P21 21 21
20.2.18TalmessiteCa2Mg(AsO4)2 · 2H2OTric.
20.2.19IrhtemiteCa4Mg(AsO4)2(HAsO4)2 · 4H2OMon.
20.2.20CamgasiteCaMg(AsO4)(OH) · 5H2OMon. 2/m : P21/m
20.2.22BariopharmacosideriteBa0.5Fe3+4(AsO4)3(OH)4 · 5H2OTet. 4 2m : P4 2m

Fluorescence of PicropharmacoliteHide

Not fluorescent.

Other InformationHide

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for PicropharmacoliteHide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
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Internet Links for PicropharmacoliteHide

Localities for PicropharmacoliteHide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • Carinthia
    • Sankt Veit an der Glan District
      • Hüttenberg
        • Lölling
          • Stelzing
C.Auer (2013)
G. Niedermayr, I. Praetzel: Mineralien Kärntens, 1995
Nat. Hist. Mus. Vienna collection
    • Spittal an der Drau District
      • Rennweg am Katschberg
        • Pölla valley
          • Lanisch
Blass, G. (1999): 1166. Pikropharmakolith vom Arsenbergbau Herrenbau im Pöllatal, Kärnten. P. 213 in Niedermayr, G. et al. Neue Mineralfunde aus Osterreich XLVIII. Carinthia II, 189./109.: 201-236.
  • Styria
    • Weiz District
      • Gasen
peter neschen collection
  • British Columbia
    • Kamloops Mining Division
      • Savona
Maggie Wilson
  • Ontario
    • Timiskaming District
      • Cobalt-Gowganda region
        • Cobalt area
          • Coleman Township
Reiner Mielke 2012
Reiner Mielke 2016
            • Nipissing Mine
Reiner Mielke
  • Atacama
    • Copiapó Province
      • Tierra Amarilla
        • Pampa Larga mining district
          • Alacrán
samples analysed by Gerhard Moehn and Joy Desor
maurizio dini collection - quantitative analysis
  • Guizhou
    • Qianxinan
      • Xingren County
Zhang Baogui et al. (1996): Geochemistry of thallium in the gold ore belt, Guizhou Province, southwestern China. In: Tu Guangzhi (ed.): Low-Temperature Geochemistry. Science Press (Beijing), pp. 8-14.
  • Hunan
    • Changde
      • Shimen Co.
        • Shimen deposit (Huangchang deposit)
Zhu, X., Wang, R., Lu, X., Liu, H., Li, J., Ouyang, B., Lu, J. (2015): Secondary minerals of weathered orpiment-realgar-bearing tailings in Shimen carbonate-type realgar mine, Changde, Central China. Mineral. Petrol. 109, 1-15. ;
  • Yunnan
    • Chuxiong
      • Nanhua County
Xianxiao Xiong (1999): Geology of Chemical Minerals 21(2), 76-80
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Czech Republic
  • Central Bohemian Region
    • Příbram District
      • Háje
Ondruš, P. & Hyršl, J. (1989): New finds and revision of secondary minerals from Příbram district. Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geologica 1989, 521-533.
  • Karlovy Vary Region
    • Karlovy Vary District
      • Horní Blatná
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Lapis 2002(7/8), 63-65
  • Olomouc Region
    • Jeseník District
      • Javorník
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  • Plzeň Region
    • Tachov District
      • Planá u Mariánských Lázní
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  • Ústí nad Labem Region
    • Chomutov District
No reference listed
- Hyrsl, J. & Korbel, P. (2009): Tschechien & Slowakei, Mineralien und Fundstellen. Page 60-75.
    • Teplice District
Řídkošil, T., Slavíček, P.: Mineralizace Rennerovy štoly nedaleko Mikulova v Krušných horách. Časopis pro mineralogii a geologii, 1985, roč. 30, č. 4, s. 433.
  • Corsica
    • Haute-Corse
      • Corte
        • Matra
Van King
  • Grand Est
    • Haut-Rhin
      • Colmar-Ribeauvillé
        • Ste Marie-aux-Mines
P&T N°23-24, H. BARI 1982, Minéralogie des filons du Neuenberg à Sainte Marie aux Mines (Haut-Rhin).
Wittern, Journée: "Mineralien finden in den Vogesen", von Loga (Cologne), 1997
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            • Sankt Jakob vein
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This mine worked the same vein as Gabe gottes mine. From the 19th century, ore from a large part of the Saint-Jacques mine network was transported to level -40 of Gabe Gottes before being sent to the processing plant. The mineralization of this sector is therefore very comparable to that of Gabe-Gotes.
            • Sankt Wilhelm vein
Wittern, Journée: "Mineralien finden in den Vogesen", 1997
P&T N°23-24, H. BARI 1982, Minéralogie des filons du Neuenberg à Sainte Marie aux Mines (Haut-Rhin).
      • Thann-Guebwiller
        • Kruth
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  • Occitanie
    • Aude
      • Carcassonne
        • Salsigne
Rocks & Min.: 60:242.
        • Villanière
Pelison P., Descouens D. (1987), Présence de minéraux de néoformation dans les scories de l'ancienne usine de Villagnère (Aude), Le Cahier des Micromonteurs, n°2, pp: 6-10
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
    • Alpes-Maritimes
      • Duranus
No reference listed
Cuchet S. (2000), Mystérieuse irhtémite à Lucéram, Alpes-Maritimes, Le Règne Minéral, n°36, pp: 38-42
  • Baden-Württemberg
    • Freiburg Region
      • Ortenaukreis
        • Hornberg
Gröbner, J. & Schrenk, D. (2005): Die Mineralien des Tunnels bei Hornberg. Der Erzgräber 19, 17-25. (in German)
      • Rottweil
        • Schenkenzell
          • Wittichen
            • Böckelsbach valley
S. Weiss: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
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            • Burgfelsen
No reference listed
            • Heubach Valley
No reference listed
        • Schiltach
          • Stammelbach valley
[Lapis 1992, 11, p.13-20]
    • Karlsruhe Region
      • Freudenstadt
        • Alpirsbach
No reference listed
Erzgräber 1987(2), 54
  • Hesse
    • Darmstadt
      • Main-Kinzig-Kreis
        • Biebergemünd
          • Bieber
No reference listed
    • Kassel Region
      • Hersfeld-Rotenburg
        • Nentershausen
          • Süß
            • Richelsdorf Smelter
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Weiss: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
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  • Lower Saxony
    • Goslar District
      • Braunlage
        • St Andreasberg
No reference listed
  • Saxony-Anhalt
    • Harz
      • Wernigerode
        • Hasserode
Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", 2001
  • Saxony
Lapis 17(12), 24-33
    • Erzgebirgskreis
      • Annaberg-Buchholz
        • Kleinrückerswalde
Stolze, S., Möhn, G. & Desor, J. (08/2020), SEM-EDS & PXRD conf.
      • Aue-Bad Schlema
        • Alberoda
peter neschen collection
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      • Marienberg
        • Lauta
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      • Raschau-Markersbach
        • Langenberg
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            • Gottes Geschick Vereinigt Feld Mine
      • Schneeberg
        • Neustädtel
Lapis 30(7/8):41-70 (2005)
    • Mittelsachsen
Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", 2001
        • Zug
          • Langenrinne
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    • Zwickau district
      • Hartenstein
  • Thuringia
    • Ronneburg U deposit
T. Witzke & F. Rüger: Lapis 1998(7/8), 26-64
  • Attica
    • East Attica
      • Lavreotiki
        • Lavrion Mining District
          • Agios Konstantinos (Kamariza)
No reference listed
            • Mercati mines
Elbin, K. & Wendel, W. (1996): Lavendulan aus Lavrion. Lapis, 21 (11), 42-43; 62; Hanke, H. (1998): Laurion - ein Rückblick auf die Funde der letzten drei Jahre. Mineralien-Welt, 9 (2), 37-45.
          • Plaka
            • Plaka Mines
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Fritz Schreiber collection
No reference listed
  • Rajasthan
    • Jaipur district
      • Sikar District
        • Khetri
Ahmed, M., Shaif, M., Siddiquie, F. N., & Khan, R. (2018). Mode of Occurrence and Mineralogy of Northern Khetri Copper Deposits, Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan. Natural Resources, 2018, 9, 389-403
  • Liguria
    • Savona Province
- Balestra, C., Kolitsch, U., Blass, G., Callegari, A.M., Boiocchi, M., Armellino, G., Ciriotti, M.E., Ambrino, P. Bracco, R. (2009): Mineralogia ligure 2007-2008: novità caratterizzate dal Servizio UK dell’AMI. Micro, 1-2009, 78-99.
  • Lombardy
    • Sondrio Province
      • Sondalo
- Gramaccioli, C.M., Scaini, G., Gentile, P., De Michele, V., Mannucci, G. (1992): Natura in Lombardia. I Minerali. Regione Lombardia, Ed., Milano, 223 pp.
  • Piedmont
    • Metropolitan City of Turin
      • Borgofranco d'Ivrea
        • Biò
Campostrini, I., Martini, B., Salvetti, A., Dalla Fontana, G., Boscardin, M., Ambrino, P., Ciriotti, M.E. (2012): Stibioclaudetite dalle gallerie inferiori di Biò, Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Torino). Micro, 10, 142-144; Campostrini, I., Demartin, F., Martini, B., Salvetti, A., Dalla Fontana, G., Boscardin, M., Ambrino, P., Ciriotti, M.E. (2014): Villyaellenite dalle gallerie inferiori di Biò, Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Torino), Piemonte. GMT 2014 Giornate Mineralogiche di Tavagnasco, 6-8 giugno 2014. Plinius, 40, 170.
      • Léssolo
        • Cálea
  • Sardinia
    • South Sardinia Province
      • Gonnosfanadiga
Stara, P., Rizzo, R., and Tanca, G.A. [with contributions of Vinci, A., and Astolfi, M.] (1996) Iglesiente e Arburese. Miniere e Minerali. Associazione Mineralogica Sarda, Associazione Mineralogica Domusnovas, Gruppo Mineralogico Arburese, Gruppo Mineralogico Paleontologico Piacentino, Gruppo Mineralogico Lombardo et al. Ed., Siena, Vol. 2, 192 pp.
Stara, P., Rizzo, R., Tanca, G.A. (1996): Iglesiente e Arburese. Miniere e Minerali. Edito a cura dell'EMSA e "varie associazioni mineralogiche", Volume 2°, 192 pp.
  • Oita Prefecture
    • Saiki City
Specimens on sale at Tokyo show, june 2010.
Ryoji Tanaka collection
Masayuki Ohnishi, Norimasa Shimobayashi, Shigetomo Kishi, Mitsuo Tanabe, Shoichi Kobayashi (2013) Talmessite from the Uriya deposit at the Kiura mining area, Oita Prefecture, Japan. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 108, No. 2 (April), 116-120.
  • Drâa-Tafilalet Region
    • Ouarzazate Province
      • Amerzgane
        • Bou Azzer Mine
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
        • Méchoui
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
    • Zagora Province
      • Aghbar
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
Font Philippe specimen
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
      • Ightem
Favreau, G. and Dietrich, J. E. (2006). Die Mineralien von Bou Azzer. Lapis 31(7/8), 27-68
North Macedonia
  • Kavadarci Municipality
    • Rožden
[Rieck, B. (1993) - Famous mineral localities: Allchar, Macedonia, Mineralogical Record, 24 (6), 437-449]; Boevl, B., Bermanec, V., Serafimovski, T., Lepitkoval, S., & Mikulcic, S. (2001). Allchar Mineral Assemblage. Geologica Macedonica, Vol. 15-16, p. 1-23 (2001-2002) Suppl
  • Lipkovo Municipality
Đorđević, T., Kolitsch, U., Tasev, G., Serafimovski, T. & Boev, B. (2017): Anomalous As-enrichment in gersdorffite in a realgar-rich environment: Lojane, Macedonia. Mitt. Österr. Mineral. Ges. 163, 38 (abs.).; Kolitsch, U., Đorđević, T., Tasev, G., Serafimovski, T., Boev, I., Boev, B. (2018): Supergene mineralogy of the Lojane Sb-As-Cr deposit, Republic of Macedonia: Tracing the mobilization of toxic metals. Geologica Macedonica 32, 95-117.
  • Lower Silesian Voivodeship
    • Ząbkowice Śląskie County
      • Gmina Złoty Stok
Siuda, R. (2014): Secondary arsenic minerals from old adits in the Złoty Stok area (Sudetes, Poland). Mineralogia Special Papers: 42: 104-105; Siuda, R. & Macioch, A. (2018): Secondary arsenic minerals from the Złoty Stok As-Au abandoned mine (SW Poland). Geological Quarterly 62, 925-940.
  • Adygea
    • Maykopsky District
Pekov I.V. et al. (2010) Mineralogy of Belorechenskoe deposit (Northern Caucasus, Russia). Mineralogical Almanakh, 15(2).; Pekov, I.V., Levitskiy, V.V., Krivovichev, S.V., Zolotarev, A.A., Bryzgalov, I.A., Zadov, A.E. & Chukanov, N.V. (2012): New nickel-uranium-arsenic mineral species from the oxidation zone of the Belorechenskoye deposit, Northern Caucasus, Russia: I. Rauchite, Ni(UO2)2(AsO4)2.10H2O, a member of the autunite group. European Journal of Mineralogy, 24, 913-922.
  • Altai Krai
    • Gornyi Altai
Pekov, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Ocean Pictures, Moscow
  • Tuva
    • Chedi-Kholsky District
Pekov, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Ocean Pictures, Moscow
  • Banská Bystrica Region
Ďuďa R.,Kotuľak P., Káňa R., 1993: Bergbau und Mineralien von Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz), Slowakei. Emser Hefte, 14, 3, 1-70, Haltern
  • Košice Region
    • Rožňava District
      • Dobšiná
        • Dobšiná mining district
Martin Števko-unpublished, PXRD confirmed
    • Spišská Nová Ves District
Ďuďa R., Peterec D., 1995 : Die Mineralien der siderit - baryt lagersttäte von Rudňany ( Kotterbach ) in der Slowakei. Mineralien Welt /Haltern/, 1, s.20 - 31
  • Trenčín Region
    • Bánovce nad Bebravou District
      • Čierna Lehota
Martin Števko, unpublished-PXRD confirmed
South Africa
  • Mpumalanga
    • Nkangala District
      • Middelburg
        • Farm Kruisrivier 74 JS
Min Rec 27:6 pp417-428
  • Castile and Leon
    • León
      • Crémenes
Manuel Echevarria Rodriguez collection
  • Valais
    • Goms
      • Binn
        • Fäld
Analyses by J. Desor (PXRD & EDS), June 2019, see
    • Sierre
      • Anniviers
        • Ayer
Stalder, H. A., Wagner, A., Graeser, S. and Stuker, P. (1998): "Mineralienlexikon der Schweiz", Wepf (Basel), p. 304-305.; Ansermet, S. (2012): Mines et minéraux du Valais - II. Anniviers et Tourtemagne. With contributions by N. Meisser, Ed. Porte-plumes (Ayer)
        • Saint-Luc
Ansermet, S. with contributions of Meisser, N. (2012): Mines et minéraux du Valais. II. Anniviers et Tourtemagne. Musée de la Nature (Sion), Musée Cantonal de Géologie (Lausanne), and Editions Porte-Plumes (Ayer), 374 pp.
  • New Taipei City
    • Ruifang District
  • England
    • Cumbria
      • Allerdale
        • St. John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
BMS Database
  • Scotland
    • Clackmannanshire
      • Alva
        • Silver Glen
  • Colorado
    • Mesa Co.
      • Gateway
Kampf, A.R., Nash, B.P., Marty, J., Hughes, J.M. (2017) Mesaite, CaMn2+5(V2O7)3·12H2O, a new vanadate mineral from the Packrat mine, near Gateway, Mesa County, Colorado, USA. Mineralogical Magazine: 81: 319–327.
  • Michigan
    • Keweenaw Co.
      • Mohawk
[Mineralogical Record - Vol 23 No. 2]
  • Missouri
    • Jasper Co.
Palache, C., Berman, H., & Frondel, C. (1951), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, Yale University 1837-1892, Volume II: 741.
  • Nevada
    • Humboldt Co.
      • Osgood Mountains
        • Potosi Mining District
          • Adam Peak
Mineralogical Record 16:15-23
NBMG Spec. Pub. 31 Minerals of Nevada
  • New Jersey
    • Sussex County
      • Franklin Mining District
        • Ogdensburg
          • Sterling Hill
Dunn, P.J.: Min.Rec.:10:160-165 (1979); Dunn(1995):Pt5:677.
Rocks & Min., March 1998.
  • Utah
    • Tooele Co.
      • Gold Hill Mining District (Clifton Mining District)
        • Gold Hill
      • Oquirrh Mountains
        • Mercur Mining District (Camp Floyd Mining District)
Mineral News: 19(12): 1, 3.
          • South Mercur Pit
In the collection of Brent Thorne.
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