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About GörgeyiteHide

Rudolf Görgey
K2Ca5(SO4)6 · H2O
Colorless to yellowish.
Specific Gravity:
2.90 - 2.93
Crystal System:
Named in honor of Rudolf Görgey von Görgö und Toporcz (Rolf Görgey) (23 June 1886, Budapest, Hungary - 25 May 1915, Rudnik, Poland), mineralogist at the University of Vienna. He first studied zeolites and later salt/potash deposits. Through his work, he visited many European countries and built a mineral collection.
Isostructural with:
This page provides mineralogical data about Görgeyite.

Classification of GörgeyiteHide

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)
First Published:

7 : SULFATES (selenates, tellurates, chromates, molybdates, wolframates)
C : Sulfates (selenates, etc.) without additional anions, with H2O
D : With only large cations
Dana 7th ed.:

4 : AmBn(XO4)p·xH2O, with (m+n):p < 3:2 and > 1:1

25 : Sulphates
4 : Sulphates of Ca, Sr and Ba

Physical Properties of GörgeyiteHide

Colorless to yellowish.
(not reported)
3½ on Mohs scale
Distinct on {100}
Splintery, Hackly
2.90 - 2.93 g/cm3 (Measured)    2.90 g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of GörgeyiteHide

Biaxial (+)
RI values:
nα = 1.560 nβ = 1.569 nγ = 1.584
Measured: 79° , Calculated: 78°
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.024
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:

Chemical Properties of GörgeyiteHide

K2Ca5(SO4)6 · H2O

Crystallography of GörgeyiteHide

Crystal System:
Tabular on {001}. Showing {001}, {100}, {111}, {110}.

X-Ray Powder DiffractionHide

Powder Diffraction Data:
3.005 Å(100)
3.164 Å(70)
2.817 Å(40)
2.756 Å(30)
1.841 Å(25)
1.896 Å(20)
3.029 Å(15)

Type Occurrence of GörgeyiteHide

Place of Conservation of Type Material:
Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria, M474.
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 107559.
Geological Setting of Type Material:
Evaporite deposit
Mayrhofer, H. (1953) Görgeyit, ein neues Mineral aus der Ischler Salzlagerstätte. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Monatshefte: 1953: 35-44.

Synonyms of GörgeyiteHide

Other Language Names for GörgeyiteHide

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
1 photo of Görgeyite associated with HydroboraciteCaMg[B3O4(OH)3]2 · 3H2O

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

7.CD.Argesite(NH4)7Bi3Cl16Trig. 3m (3 2/m) : R3c
7.CD.Campostriniite(Bi3+,Na)3(NH4,K)2Na2(SO4)6 · H2OMon. 2/m : B2/b
7.CD.05MatteucciteNaHSO4 · H2OMon.
7.CD.10MirabiliteNa2SO4 · 10H2OMon. 2/m
7.CD.15Lecontite(NH4,K)NaSO4 · 2H2OOrth. 2 2 2 : P21 21 21
7.CD.20HydroglauberiteNa10Ca3(SO4)8 · 6H2OMon.
7.CD.25EugsteriteNa4Ca(SO4)3 · 2H2OMon.
7.CD.35Koktaite(NH4)2Ca(SO4)2 · H2OMon.
7.CD.35SyngeniteK2Ca(SO4)2 · H2OMon. 2/m : P21/m
7.CD.40GypsumCaSO4 · 2H2OMon. 2/m
7.CD.45BassaniteCa(SO4) · 0.5H2OMon. 2 : B2
7.CD.50Zircosulfate(Zr,Ti)(SO4)2 · 4H2OOrth.
7.CD.55SchieffelinitePb10Te6+6O20(OH)14(SO4)(H2O)5Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Cmcm
7.CD.60MontaniteBi2(TeO6) · 2H2O
7.CD.65OmongwaiteNa2Ca5(SO4)6 · 3H2OMon. 2 : B2

Related Minerals - Hey's Chemical Index of Minerals GroupingHide

25.4.1AnhydriteCaSO4Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m)
25.4.2BassaniteCa(SO4) · 0.5H2OMon. 2 : B2
25.4.3GypsumCaSO4 · 2H2OMon. 2/m
25.4.4GlauberiteNa2Ca(SO4)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
25.4.5CesaniteNa3Ca2(SO4)3(OH)Hex. 6 : P6
25.4.6EugsteriteNa4Ca(SO4)3 · 2H2OMon.
25.4.7HydroglauberiteNa10Ca3(SO4)8 · 6H2OMon.
25.4.8SyngeniteK2Ca(SO4)2 · H2OMon. 2/m : P21/m
25.4.10PolyhaliteK2Ca2Mg(SO4)4 · 2H2OTric. 1
25.4.11Koktaite(NH4)2Ca(SO4)2 · H2OMon.
25.4.13EttringiteCa6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12 · 26H2OTrig. 3m : P3 1c
25.4.14BentoriteCa6(Cr3+,Al)2(SO4)3(OH)12 · 26H2OTrig. 3m : P3 1c
25.4.15CelestineSrSO4Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pnma
25.4.17BaryteBaSO4Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pnma

Other InformationHide

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for GörgeyiteHide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
Mayrhofer, H. (1953) Görgeyit, ein neues Mineral aus der Ischler Salzlagerstätte. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Monatshefte: 1953: 35-44.
Fleischer, M. (1954) New mineral names. American Mineralogist: 39: 402-408.
Braitsch, O. (1965) Zur Gittermetrik des Görgeyit K2Ca5(SO4)6•H2O. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Monatshefte: 126–128 (in German).
Mukhtarova, N.N., Kalinin, V.R., Rastsvetaeva, R.K., Ilyukhin, V.V., Belov, N.V. (1980) Crystal structure of görgeyite K2Ca5(SO4)6·(H2O). Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR: 52: 102-105.
Smith, G.W., Walls, R. (1980) The crystal structure of görgeyite K2SO4·5CaSO4·H2O. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie: 151: 49-60.
Cai, K., Zhao, D., Liao, L., Huang, X. (1985) The Mineralogy of Gorgeyite. Journal of China University of Geoscience: 10(4): 21-28 (in Chinese with English abstract).
Kloprogge, J.T., Hickey, L., Duong, L.V., Martens, W.N., Frost, R.L. (2004) Synthesis and characterization of K2Ca5(SO4)6·H2O, the equivalent of görgeyite, a rare evaporite mineral. American Mineralogist: 89: 266-272.

Internet Links for GörgeyiteHide

Localities for GörgeyiteHide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • South Australia
    • Flinders Ranges
      • North Flinders Ranges
        • Wooltana homestead area
Snow, M.R., Pring, A., Allen, N. (2014) Minerals of the Wooltana Cave, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, 138:2, 214-230.
Austria (TL)
  • Upper Austria
    • Gmunden District
      • Bad Ischl
        • Perneck
N.Jahrb.Min.,Mh.(1953), 35-44
  • Saskatchewan
Shang, Y. (2000). Mineralogy, lithostratigraphy and geochemistry of North Ingebright Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. PhD thesis University of Manitoba.
  • Hubei
    • Wuhan
      • Jianghan District
Anthony, J.W. et al.: Handbook of Mineralogy
  • Sichuan
    • Dazhou
      • Qu Co.
Keqin Cai, Dejun Zhao, Linzhi Liao, and Xinhua Huang (1985): Journal of China University of Geoscience 10(4), 21-28; Min Mo (1987): Acta Mineralogica Sinica 7(2), 154-158
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
    • Cologne
      • Aachen
        • Alsdorf
Witzke, T., de Wit, F., Kolitsch, U. and Blaß, G. (2015): Mineralogy of the Burning Anna I Coal Mine Dump, Alsdorf, Germany. Chapter 7, pp. 203-240, in: Stracher, G. B., Prakash, A. and Sokol, E. V.: Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective, Volume 3: Case Studies - Coal Fires, Elsevier, 786 pp.
  • West Greece
    • Aetolia-Acarnania
      • Xiromero
Smith, G. W., Walls, R., & Whyman, P. E. (1964). An occurrence of görgeyite in Greece. Nature, 203(4949), 1061.
  • Markazi Province
    • Arak County
Ghadimi, F., & Ghomi, M. (2013). Geochemical and sedimentary changes of the Mighan Playa in Arak, Iran. Iran J Earth Sci, 5, 25-32.
  • Southern District (HaDarom District)
    • Ramat Negev Regional Council
Anenburg, M., Bialik, O. M., Vapnik, Y., Chapman, H. J., Antler, G., Katzir, Y., & Bickle, M. J. (2014). The origin of celestine–quartz–calcite geodes associated with a basaltic dyke, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel. Geological Magazine, 151(5), 798-815.
  • Lazio
    • Metropolitan City of Rome Capital
      • Cesano geothermal field
Cavarretta, G., Mottana, A., Tecce, F. (1981): Cesanite, Ca2Na3[(OH)(SO4)3], a sulphate isotypic to apatite, from the Cesano geothermal field (Latium, Italy). Mineral. Mag., 44, 269-273; Cavarretta, G., Mottana, A., Tecce, F. (1982): Goergeyite e syngenite nei pozzi geotermici di Cesano (Lazio). Rendiconti Soc. Ital. Mineral. Petrol., 38, 902; Stoppani, F.S., Curti, E. (1982): I minerali del Lazio. Editoriale Olimpia, Firenze, 291 pp.; Cavarretta, G., Mottana, A., Tecce, F. (1983): Görgeyite and syngenite in the Cesano geothermal field (Latium, Italy). Neues Jb. Mineral. Abh., 147, 304–314.
Cavarretta, G., Mottana, A., Tecce, F. (1982): Goergeyite e syngenite nei pozzi geotermici di Cesano (Lazio). Rendiconti Soc. Ital. Mineral. Petrol., 38, 902; Stoppani, F.S., Curti, E. (1982): I minerali del Lazio. Editoriale Olimpia, Firenze, 291 pp.; Cavarretta, G., Mottana, A., Tecce, F. (1983): Görgeyite and syngenite in the Cesano geothermal field (Latium, Italy). Neues Jahrb. Mineral. Abh., 147, 304–314.
  • Atyrau Region
    • Inder
Pavel M. Kartashov data; Evseev, A. A. (1995) Kazaknstan and Middle Asia. A brief Mineralogical Guide. World of Stone 8:24-30; Pekov, I. V. & Abramov, D. V. (1993): Boron deposit of the Inder and its minerals. World of Stones, 1, 23-30.
  • Silesian Voivodeship
    • Wodzisław County
      • Radlin
Kruszewski, Ł., Sierny, W. (2019): Radlin coal fire heap: thiosulfate- and dithionate-bearing alkaline mineralization; Cu, Fe, As, and P mineralization; and second worldwide occurrence of tsaregorodtsevite. Miner. - Spec. Pap.: 49: 54
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