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Springfield, Massachusetts August 2009 Show Report

Last Updated: 7th Sep 2009

By Robert Simonoff

This is my Springfield Mineral Show show report! The show was huge and crowded.
Here is a view from above of the whole show that shows how huge it was:
View from above

Kristalle has a very nice wire silver from Kongsberg Silver Mining District, Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway.

Wright’s Rock Shop’s bright pink Spherocobaltite from the Agoudal Mine, Morocco.

An Arseniosiderite from Morocco, also at Wright’s Rock shop

These skeletal galena crystals from Bulgaria were everywhere at the show, all of the galena cube is etched away except the edges. This particular piece was being sold at Edwards Minerals.
Galena ... but wow!

A hydroxylherderite on albite from Pakistan

A faden clinozoisite from Hashupi, Pakistan at Mountain Minerals was interesting because it is the first faden piece I’ve ever seen that wasn’t adularia or quartz.
Faden Clinozoisite

An aquamarine from Apaligun, Pakistan (also at Mountain Minerals) interested me not only because of the parallel growth of many small crystals, but also because of the shade of blue much darker than any I had previously seen in aquamarine.

A whole shelf of diopside from Koksha valley in Afghanistan at Mountain Minerals.

A new find of bright blue sodalite crystals from Larjuar Madan, Afghanistan at Mountain Minerals International.

I.C. Minerals’s Austinite from Mina Ojuela, Mexico

Beautiful red beryls from Utah at Vance Gems.
Red Beryl
More Bixbite
Red Beryl
More Bixbite
Red Beryl
More Bixbite

I love the color combination of amazonite and smoky quartz from Crystal Peak, like this one at Green Mountain Minerals.
Amazonite and Smoky Quartz

Also at Green Mountain Minerals, a pink fluorite on muscovite from Pakistan.

Me next to the biggest japan-law twinned quartz I’ve ever seen. This is also at Green Mountain Minerals.
Me with the Japan Law Quartz

The mineraloid heklaite, a man-made byproduct of mining in Florida. This is at Minerals America.
Man made "mineral"

Red Beryls, from Utah at Vance Gems.
Red beryl

Calcite from the Aghbar Mine, Morocco at Dan and Diana Weinrich’s mineral booth.

Red-pink fluorite from Plaggenstock Mountain, Switzerland at Dan and Diana Weinrich’s booth.

A beautiful pyromorphite from Bunker Hill (Idaho.)

Dan and Diana Weinrich’s beautiful aquamarine from Pakistan with an interesting “corkscrew” inclusion.
Love it!!!

Dan and Diana Weinrich’s huge crocoite crystal from the Red Lead Mine, Australia.
big-big-big!! crocoite

A mimetite from the Congreso-Leon Mine in Mexico, also at Dan and Diana Weinrich’s booth.

Dan and Diana Weinrich’s smithsonite pseudomorph from the Berg Aukus Mine, Namibia.

A new find of Andradite garnets in quartz, with clinozoisite, at John Betts Fine Minerals.
Box 'o garnet
Box 'o garnet
Box 'o garnet

Ethiopian Opal at John Betts Fine Minerals.

A neat bent tourmaline from Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan at John Betts Fine Minerals.
Bent Tourmaline

Thank you for reading my show report! It is my first show report or Mindat article.
By Jessica

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Great report, Jessica! You have a great eye for minerals.

Keep it up,

Jim :)

Jim Houran
6th Sep 2009 2:15am
Great pictures, and great report.
I could not make it to the Springfield show this year,
but now it almost feels like I was there.

Adam Kelly
6th Sep 2009 7:56pm
Great pictures, and great report.
I could not make it to the Springfield show this year,
but now it almost feels like I was there.

Adam Kelly
6th Sep 2009 7:58pm
Nice photography, Jessica! The pink fluorites were especially well done.


Steve Stuart
6th Sep 2009 10:20pm
Great report. Thanks. It really made me wish I had been at the show. I like the faden clinozoisite--quite interesting!
Bob Meyer

Robert Meyer
7th Sep 2009 12:13am

Great report, thank you so much for this!


Ida Chau
7th Sep 2009 3:55am
Nice report and photos. Thanks for posting.

David Von Bargen
7th Sep 2009 11:18am

Well done! And thanks for showing some Weinrich specimens. Although I walked around the show for several hours, I missed their booth.


David Bernstein
7th Sep 2009 2:51pm
FANTASTIC job, Jessica. I know that you spent hours and HOURS doing this report. Thank you!

Maggie Wilson
7th Sep 2009 10:51pm
Jessica -

Great report and photography! It was nice meeting you at the show!


Edward Rosenzweig
9th Sep 2009 6:45pm
Nice report and photography Jessica.

Nauroz Nausherwani
10th Sep 2009 2:52pm
Great report! Do you have in-focus labels for the minerals or localities not reported on mindat?

Best Wishes, Van

Van King
2nd Nov 2009 3:26pm

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