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Ste Marie-aux-Mines Show (Euromin) 2009

Last Updated: 12th Jul 2009

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This year, for the first time, I visited the Sainte Marie-aux-Mines mineral show in France, and as usual at shows I took plenty of video and photos for mindat, so here is my slightly-delayed show report.

Firstly, after arriving in town, I wandered into the center of town - the show occupies the entire center of the town, which is fenced off except for half a dozen admission points where you can buy tickets and enter/exit the show. Here I am walking towards one of the entrances.

Show entrance. Note - I have no idea how a store offering 100% discounts can maintain a viable business

Crystal Classics/Kristalle

As usual, Crystal Classics and Kristalle set up their joint display at the show. My eye was immediately drawn to this, a classic Cubanite sixling on matrix from the Henderson No.2 mine, Quebec, Canada. Specimens of this quality on matrix are far from common.

Cubanite from Quebec, approx 9cm across

Another fabulous pieces was this Olmiite from the N'Chwanning Mines in South Africa.

Olmiite from South Africa

And here's a short video of a Scorodite from the Clara Mine, Germany.

Brice and Christophe Gobin

Some Gold nuggets from Madagascar, from an old collection, were the highlight of Brice and Christophe's display, Here's one:

Gold from Madagascar

... and another ...

more Gold from Madagascar

I also shot a little video of the specimens:

Nick Carruth

Nick Carruth had come across from England, and had a fine specimen of Cornish Ludlamite - from Wheal Jane on offer. This stuff is NOT common, in the last 15 years I've only seen two other equivalent specimens for sale (and I bought one of them!) - whoops. Apologies to both Nick and to Mike Brooke for getting the owner of this specimen wrong in my original posting of this report.

Ludlamite from Wheal Jane, Cornwall, approx 7cm

Escault Minerals

The most striking thing at the Escault Minerals booth was a huge selection of fabulous new Cobaltian Calcite specimens from the Mashamba West Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - here's Eva who was hard at work looking after the booth next to the one of the cabinets containing the pieces.

Eva and the Cobaltian Calcites

Here's a close-up of one of the better pieces.

Cobaltoan Calcite from the Mashamba West Mine

This dealer had a nice selection of eastern-european rareties, including this impressive sample of type-locality Fizélyite

Fizélyite - Herja, Romania

Alfredo Petrov and Frank de Wit

Invariably strange things happen when Alfreo and Frank are nearby. Alfredo had this hydraulic rock drill to show how specimens are mined in Bolivia.

Me holding the rock drill

But then Alfredo explained that the drills have a secondary purpose in Bolivian Dentistry, and demonstrated the correct operation of the device on Frank

Open wide - this may hurt a little

Alfredo had a very nice Metastibnite specimen from the San José Mine, Oruro City, Cercado Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia

Metastibnite from Bolivia

Jordi Fabre

Jordi always takes time out to show me interesting things for my reports, and this trip was no exception. Firstly, some new zoned amethyst from Morocco (He wasn't the only dealer with these specimens, but he had some of the best ones, and one of them is now in my collection).

Zoned amethyst from Morocco

Another interesting find was Bismuth from China. These weren't crystals - the faces in the piece you see are where it grew against quartz crystals in the pocket, but it is still an attractive specimen.

Bismuth from China

And some particularly gemmy Grossular garnets from the Jeffrey Quarry, Quebec, Canada.

Grossular from Jeffrey Quarry, Canada

Luiz Menezes

Luiz had a new find of Dolomite with Magesite (what looks like a zoned crystal with dolomite inside and magnesite on the edges) from Brumado, Bahia, Brazil.

Dolomite and Magnesite from Brazil

Spirifer Minerals

Tomasz Praszkier from Spirifer Minerals had some very interesting mixed balls of Variscite and Wavellite from Wisniowka Wielka in Poland.

Variscite/Wavellite from Poland

Webminerals SAS

Webminerals had this specimen which wasn't one of the high-end specimen, wasn't expensive, but appealed to me because of the association and colour - Proustite on Rhodochrosite from the Uchucchacua Mine in Peru

Proustite and Rhodochrosite from Peru

Webminerals were also one of a couple of dealers who had niec Strüverite (variety of Rutile) crystals from Madagascar - such as this one:

Strüverite from Madagascar

Wendel Minerals

Wendel Minerals always have one of the more elegantly displayed selections of minerals at the show, and always a nice selection of classic European and worldwide minerals to fill them, including this fabulous Crocoite from Callenberg, Saxony, Germany

Crocoite from Germany

Lino Caserini

Lino Caserini had this spectacular specimen of Quartz on Datolite from D'alnegorsk, Russia

Mineral Displays

There were a couple of public displays of minerals at the show - firstly a cabinet of excellent French Fluorite specimens

There is a video of this cabinet included within my video walkthrough of the show I posted earlier this week, click here if you missed it.

But if you can't see the video then you'll appreciate this photo of a superb Fluorite from Le Beix mine, France

Fluorite from Le Beix mine, approx 15cm across

Secondly, a display of local minerals from the Alsace region. Here's one of my favourites, a large Fluorite with overgrowths of Pyromorphite from Maxonchamp, Vosges, France

Pyromorphite on Fluorite from Maxoncham

I did a video of the cabinet with some commentary here:

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Thanks Jolyon for another great report. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into these reviews for all of us to enjoy. That French Fluorite is absolutely stunning.

Cheers mate,

Craig Mercer
5th Jul 2009 9:46am
great report...too bad the tisnov report has been left out

Albert Russ
6th Jul 2009 2:19pm
After the mess Alfredo made with my hammer, I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow again at nine.......

Frank de Wit
7th Jul 2009 6:12pm
Jolyon, thank you! It is good to see Eva W., she is so sweet and we always enjoy her company in Tucson.
And, Frank's hair is short short short, but I noticed that Alfredo didn't have the Einstein hair anymore either!
Fun report, well done.

Gail Spann
8th Jul 2009 11:07am

Thanks for the Ste Marie report, concise yet full of info! It's a huge help to those of us who cannot go overseas this time of year. One day I'll have the time to make it to that show. I have a friend in Bolivia who actually had to visit a Bolivian dentist, and after hearing his story, Alfredo's demonstration seems much gentler to me.

Brian Kosnar
10th Jul 2009 5:04pm

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