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Mindat's 15th Birthday and a present for everyone

Last Updated: 28th Dec 2008

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

Well, it's that time again, December 25th, which those of you who've been around here long enough will know as Mindat's birthday. I started the mindat project as a personal database on December 25th 1993, so Mindat is now 15 years old! The website was launched in September 2000 based on the earlier database project.

As a special gift, I have a very exciting new free book download to offer you - Rudy Tschernich's book Zeolites of the World - which is now available as a FREE download by clicking on the link below.

Note that the file is 237Mb! so you WILL need broadband and some patience to download it.

MANY thanks to Ric Delmonte for scanning everything in, and of course to Rudy for giving us permission to distribute his book, which is the definitive reference to the zeolite group.

Click here to download (237Mb)

If people don't have broadband or would prefer to purchase a copy on CD, I can do this for a nominal amount plus postage costs - I'll post details of this in the next few days.

Note. I have updated the book with some missing introductory pages and title page - so if you have a fast connection and downloaded it previously, you might want to download the new revision.

Article has been viewed at least 32955 times.


Jolyon..Your a great guy with a great site, thanks for all you've done!
Happy 15th birthday for this wonderful site!
Wayne Corwin

Wayne Corwin
25th Dec 2008 4:10pm
Happy Birthday Mindat!

Thanks for all your effort, Jolyon!

Daniel Russell
25th Dec 2008 4:46pm
Although I am lucky enough to have a paper copy, this is wonderful present for everybody. Happy birthday and thanks.

Jakub Jirásek
25th Dec 2008 7:50pm
Happy 15th birthday!
Mindat is a fabulous site!

Jan Čermák
26th Dec 2008 1:12am
Hip hip hurrey!!! :)

Dagmara Lesiow
26th Dec 2008 8:35am
Hello Joylon,

the "The Zeolites of the world" as pdf is just great !
Happy Birthday !

Volker Betz
26th Dec 2008 2:53pm
Happy Birthday to this awesome community!!
Definitely an amazing way to celebrate, Jolyon!!


Chris Mavris
26th Dec 2008 4:21pm
Well, it didn't snow here in San Francisco, but I see it's a white Christmas anyway!

Many thanks,

Jesse Fisher
26th Dec 2008 4:39pm
And there's me having just lost access to broadband. Looks like I'll be ordering it on CD after all.

Many thanks, and a Happy Yuletide.

Alysson Rowan
26th Dec 2008 5:21pm
Happy 15th to Mindat and a big thanks to Jolyon for this great reference!

Jim Bean
26th Dec 2008 6:24pm
What a great idea Jolyon! - Thanks very much. Downloaded fine - took about 25 mins. The Mindat concept has proved to be outstandingly successful - well done to all concerned. Best wishes for the next 15 years !
Happy Xmas and have a mineralogically successful 2009 !

Roy Starkey

Roy Starkey
26th Dec 2008 9:48pm
Congratulations Jolyon!
Mindat to day is the cornerstone of mineralogy on the internet, an impressive achievement!

Harjo Neutkens
27th Dec 2008 10:17pm
Happy 15 th.Birthday Mindat!!!

Happy New Year!


Tamás Ungvári
28th Dec 2008 1:50pm
Normally we give presents to the birthday-boy... Thanks for the zeolite-book, Jolyon!
Please keep it up! We would be lost without your site.

Happy holydays and thanks again

Axel Emmermann

Axel Emmermann
28th Dec 2008 10:46pm
Happy 15th Birthday to Mindat and huge thanks to Jolyon for making this brilliant book available to us all!

Best wishes,


Trevor Boyd
29th Dec 2008 2:07pm
Thank you Jolyon, and, even if few days in late, Happy birthday to Mindat!

Marco Barsanti
29th Dec 2008 3:19pm
Happy Birthday to Mindat.Thanks Jolyon

Nauroz Nausherwani
29th Dec 2008 4:00pm
Happy Birthday and thanks for your work, Jolyon. Minrat is the reference!! Stay in and continue the good work. All the best from Spain.

Cesar Menor-Salvan
29th Dec 2008 11:48pm
Mindat is a fantastic service for all mineralogists, and I take my hat off to you! Thanks also - to you and to Ric and to Rudy - for making this excellent book available. My download took a little longer than Roy's but that's not a problem.
I wish you a very peaceful and prosperous 2009.
Mal Southwood

Malcolm Southwood
30th Dec 2008 7:53am
Happy Birthday Jolyon!
Thanks for your great ideas and energy put into this.
Wish you all the best to continue!

Christian from Germany

Christian Bracke
30th Dec 2008 7:55am
Hello Jolyon,
many thank's for this book.
Mindat - this site really shows the benefits of the Internet-Age.

Best regards

Elmar Lackner
30th Dec 2008 11:28am
Happy Birthday Jolyon!!!
... and thank you for your work, your kindness and constant cooperation!!!!

Happy New Year!

Gianni from Italy

Giovanni Fraccaro
31st Dec 2008 5:36pm
Well done and thanks Jolyon.
I can scan and send the 1995 update pages (Bellbergite and new localities) if you wish.

Rod Martin
1st Jan 2009 10:31am
Far too late, but with many thanks !
A wonderful book and a 'must have' in every mineral collection.
So much better than a turkey or a Guinness....

Congratulations and a Happy New Year!
Keep on this good work (and presents)!

Best regards,


De Nul
2nd Jan 2009 4:43pm
Hello Jolyon

I thank you very much for this presend, bud pages 403 and 404 are missing. I now... you dont look on gift-horse teeth:-)) Do you have stasched it somewhere in your pockets?


Petr Fuchs
7th Jan 2009 12:28pm
Excellent, and greatly appreciated!

BTW, the bio on the last page has a typo: "... was on eof three ..." should read "... was one of three ...".

Thanks again! Fred

Fred E. Davis
7th Jan 2009 2:43pm
Happy Birth Day My Dream Mindat.

Ikram Mohammad
11th Jan 2009 6:47pm
Thanks everyone!

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
1st Feb 2009 2:59pm
Mooooltes Felicitats!!!
Happy Birthday MINDAT...
Good job Jolyon and every contributor

Joan Rosell
6th Feb 2009 10:52am
Just started downloading the .pdf (35% as we speak).
Great idea for an anniversary gift, thank you very much and Happy Anniversary to Mindat, Jolyon and the exceptional mods.
If i've said it once I've said it a thousand times...
Mindat is an incredible achievement not only for Jolyon with his foresight and dedication, but for the many, many people who have taken the site to their hearts and helped to produce a most amazing resource unequalled in any field as far as I can tell.
Thank's again, for everything (57% and counting :) )

Gordon Derry
8th Feb 2009 9:04pm
Thanks for all the work & this great gift Jolyon !
Long Life to Mindat !

Aymeric Longi
15th Feb 2009 10:32pm

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