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2008 Southeast Cartersville Show

Last Updated: 21st Aug 2008

By Danny Jones

2008 Southeast Cartersville Show

I traveled from Charlotte to Atlanta to Cartersville to scope out the new Marty Zinn production. It is 280 miles from Charlotte to Cartersville but Interstate all the way. It was an overnight trip as I wanted to be there when the show opened at 10:00 Saturday morning August 16th.

After a night in cheap (Motel 6) motel in Atlanta and an excellent country breakfast to sustain me in my mineral hunt I progressed the 40 miles up the interstate to Cartersville arriving about 9:30 AM. Most dealers were just beginning to get their rooms open. Visited with several dealers to determine crowd levels with an eye to doing the show next year. Most said that as usual Friday was VERY slow with low attendance. Saturday morning was also slow but as the day progressed the crowds begin to pick up. For a first time show it appeared to be taking a reasonable start given the price of gas.

The show was held in the Holiday Inn right in front of the Tellas Science Museum. The Museum was scheduled for opening just before the show but due to construction issues did not make it. It will be open next year and should be a big draw due to its mineral collection. This is an expansion of the old Weinman Mineral Museum which will be a major part of the new museum. This show, like several other Zinn shows, is mainly a motel room show with dealers selling out of their motel rooms. There was some dealers set-up in small hall space and two small general purpose rooms. About 60 dealers were in attendance and about 85% were mineral dealers.

Most of the dealers were from states up and down the east coast. There was one from India and New Mexico, as well two from each of California, Texas and Colorado. The dealers seemed to have a good variety of material and quality to choose from.

Mineral Search from Little Elm, Texas had quite a few flats of the new bi-pyramidal Wulfenite from Mexico. He was selling these with a 50% discount. Prices ranged from $25 to $300. I picked up a small cabinet for $50 that is outstanding. Complete coverage of crystals. Many of the larger pieces showed more matrix but with some what larger crystals.


He also had several flats of the new Azurite and Malachite find from Mexico that came out at the Tucson Show this year. Most of these pieces were in the large thumbnail to small cabinet with the largest number being in the miniature range. Picked up a Malachite after Azurite cluster of crystals which is very nice as a location piece. Prices ranged from $10 to $100 for these items.

Malachite after Azurite

Mineral Search had quite a bit of gold nuggets. In all the nuggets were two slightly water warn gold crystals.

Gold 1

Gold 2

This material was being sold at about $1,200 an oz. This is significantly lower that most gold for specimens are selling for.

Cardinal Minerals from Shelton, CT was in one of the first room I visited. Hid over by the beds were four tall stacks of Thumbnails that everyone was just walking by. I dived into these boxes and came out with several super finds. There was a water worn Topaz crystal from Rhodesia which is going to my cutter for determination. Next came a good quality Milarite crystal.


A harder to find mineral and usually very pricey but this was an excellent buy. Than came a crystal cluster of Collophane which is a variety of Carbonate-rich Apatite. This sure does not look like the normal Apatite as it is white tabular crystals.


Hureaulite from the Jocao Mine in Brazil was the next to find a new home.


A Cuprite coated with Malachite from the Onganja Mine in Namibia also found a new home. Even though he is only 1.5 cm across he is very sweet. No damage and a full crystal.

Cuprite coated with Malachite

Alfredo Petrov had his usual VERY rare minerals at unbelievable prices. He had several self collected Vauxite. One was on matrix of Allophane and was more than a hemisphere.


Color was outstanding and no damage. One of the best thumbnails of this rare material that I have ever seen. This one came home with me to upgrade the one in my collection. Alfredo also had Vauxite with Paravauxite that was attractive.

Japan Law Twin Quartz

Over on a corner of his table was a thumbnail Quartz Japan Law twin coated with Scorodite and no damage. Another new addition to my collection.

Several rooms had extensive displays of the calcite in clam shells from Ruck’s Pit in Florida.

Leonard Himes Minerals had his usual extensive cases of eye candy as well as quite a few items from the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science collection.

Stone Trust displayed several large crystal Gold specimens that were outstanding. One crystal cluster about 2.5 x 2.5 inches was solid gold crystals going for $8,500 which was an excellent price for the piece.

Trafford-Flynn Minerals were at the show with their expected quality material. I shared lunch with them and we chatted about minerals and travel.

Apalachee Minerals had a whole bed full of flats of old Agatized Coral from locations in Florida and Georgia.

There was one dealer that I can not remember their names that had some exceptional Vivianite crystals and clusters. They also had a small table of facet material of Amethyst of good to excellent color that would cut large stones. Three bowls of natural blue topaz of various shades of blue. Finally there were orange colored citrines to about 2 cm in size. I was tempted …..

Raj and Superb Minerals had their usual good selection of Indian Zeolites.

There were not a large number of new items but there were several dealers who had gotten recycled collections that had excellent older material for sale. I was able to visit all the dealers and get though most of the material I wanted to look at. But I in most likelihood missed several deals. You’ll are going to have to come down here and get a good look at a show that has promise!

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Thanks for the report Danny!

I've put this on the Mindat News section.


Jolyon & Katya Ralph
22nd Aug 2008 12:04am
Where are the gold nuggets from?

Mark J. Sigouin
3rd Sep 2008 12:16pm

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