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Bakewell Show 2007

Last Updated: 14th Oct 2007

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

Yes, it's time for another show report - and the first in the new system on (so you can add comments!).

The Bakewell Show

The Bakewell Show has been running for 25 years - and is without doubt one of the two best mineral shows in the country. Tiny compared to the Munich show I'll be at next month, but a very much more personal and friendly show. And if you want to go looking to build up a nice mineral collection spending no more than £5 per rock, there is plenty of choice (and there are a few more expensive rocks for those with expensive tastes!)

For those who have followed my UK show reviews over the last couple of years, you will find some reassuringly familiar themes here - photos of nice British minerals, some nice worldwide material, Ian Bruce's (Crystal Classics) children doing their very best to extract money out of us and an embarrassing photo of Mark Wrigley of Thames Valley Minerals - all part of the norm for UK shows it seems now.

Nick Carruth leaning against a box of nitroglycerine

Starting in the larger of the two halls, we met up with Nick Carruth, who had these nice Quartz pseudomorphs after Scheelite from the Ramsley Mine in Devon (I visited the extensive dumps of this mine earlier in the year - didn't find any of these unfortunately).

Quartz ps. after Scheelite - Ramsley Mine

Don Edwards showed me some new Fluorite from a single pocket find at the Crich Quarry in Derbyshire - excellent for Derbyshire fluorite and, more unusually, fluorescent (possibly do to organic inclusions).

Fluorite from Crich Quarry, Derbyshire

Entering the smaller hall, we saw a small gathering of rather well-known UK mineral colletors descending on the Crystal Classics table. This time Ian Bruce had put on what he calls a "do-it-yourself table".

Ian Bruce and various UK collectors queuing to look through the flats

He simply had a pile of flats of British minerals from the recently-purchased Philadelphia Academy collection and was letting collectors hunt through the boxes one by one.

Verity Bruce - the UK's youngest mineral entrepreneur

On the other half of his table, "Joe's Minerals" (run by two of Ian's children - Joe and Verity) were selling off copies of the ExtraLapis magazines and some of the lower-priced items from the Philadelphia Collection

Minerals from the Philadelphia Collection - Joe's Minerals

Ian pulled out a couple of real classic British minerals from the flats to show me - two samples from the Woolley Farm, collected in the 19th century, and well-known to anyone who knows their British mineralogy (or has read the Embrey and Symes book on the Minerals of Cornwall and Devon). Firstly, an exceptional hand-specimen of Schorl:

Schorl from Woolley Farm, Bovey Tracey, Devon

and my favourite - Apatite crystals with Schorl from the same locality:

Apatite and Schorl from Woolley Farm

Moving on around, Mike Brooke (Broadstone Minerals) was selling a collection of minerals on behalf of the owners which included some very nice pieces (including an Adamite which I ended up buying), but the star of the collection was undoubtedly this killer (in more than one sense of the word!) Uranocircite from Brazil:

Uranocircite from Brazil - Broadstone Minerals

Mike Merry had his usual fine selection of Cornish minerals, including some samples from a recent find of Botallackite from the beach below Cligga Head on the north coast of Cornwall. The best of these are quite probably the best examples of this mineral species ever, and Mike had a few of the good pieces from this find for sale.

Botallackite from Cligga Head, Cornwall

And finally, I will end with some advice. If you know I'm taking your photo for a show report, I point my camera at you and tell you to smile, then try smiling!

Mark Wrigley - Thames Valley Minerals

Sorry Mark, but this was the only photo that showed your impressive stock of minerals!

Next show: Munich!

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Looks like an excellent show! I really have to get myself over to the UK to collect and buy someday. Perhaps this will be more of a reality once I get a little more spending money and time.

Jeremy Zolan
14th Oct 2007 4:21pm
My apologies to the various peeps who had stuff to pass on to me at the show - both Sheila & I had dodgy backs (too much lifting of rocks around the house!!)and unfortunecookie were unable to get there :-( as ever its a fantastic show - thanks for the report Jolyon - hopefully we WILL get to the next one!! BTW - you get Mark to smile by actually buying one of the
cheers m'dears

Colleen Thomson
15th Oct 2007 1:32am
Here's a quick photo of the Ojuela Mine Adamite that I bought from Mike Brooke (Broadstone) at the show. I love the colour. I didn't see any that were as good as this (for the price!) when I was in Denver last month.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
15th Oct 2007 1:52am
We a very good weekend at the show even brought some minerals! Bakewell is an excelent social gathering.
All organised by the Peak Lapidary & Mineral Society.

Steve & Chris Rust

Steve Rust
15th Oct 2007 7:50pm
The next Bakewell Show, organized by the Peak Lapidary & Mineral Society, will be held on 11th and 12th October 2008.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
17th Oct 2007 2:31pm
Always enjoy your banter Jolyon!
Well done.

Gail Spann
24th Oct 2007 7:00pm

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