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Hayward’s Heath Mineral Show 2017

Last Updated: 28th Dec 2017

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

Tom and I will be reporting today from the Hayward’s Heath Show - here is the crowd waiting to come in.

Chris Mavris!

Chris has some pyrites from Elba.

And also some mimetite and wulfenite from Greece

I think I do this exact same shot every time I do a report here. Apparently Tom was taking the same photo but it didn’t upload!

The Sussex Mineral And Lapidary Society run this show. Here’s Peter Hay, who is smiling because he just got me to pay my annual subscription dues.

Gondwana have tables in the hallway.

Minerals Bulgaria with lots of sulphides.

Ed Loye!

Rhodochrosite and Kutnahorite from Durnford Quarty, Somerset - Ed Loye specimen

Hope’s Nose, Devon gold - also Ed Loye

Rocks galore and a selection of the great new Irish fluorite

Some lovely kidney-ore hematites from Egremont, UK - Ralph Sutcliffe

Great bargains. This is half price. Or it was, I just bought it, Greenside Minerals

Fossil weevil nest! Port Kennedy, Australia - Ross Whittaker specimen

Hauyne crystal from Afghanistan - Ross Whittaker specimen

Sandwich and cake stall getting off to a great start.

Richard Bell

Mogul mine, Ireland sphalerite- Richard Bell specimen

Vivianite from Wheal Jane - Richard Bell specimen

Spanish Fluorite - Allan Mortimer specimen

UV display

Some nice northern England fluorite- Peter Briscoe specimens

Scottish agates - Ralph Sutcliffe

Neil Hubbard from Midland Minerals

Waiting for competitive case results

Judged by Mike Rumsey, NHM London

The trophy

And the winner is... Colleen Thompson with her cabinet of minerals from the New Cliffs Quarry Leicestershire

Colleen case

Tony Lee’s case of minerals from the Restormel Mine, Cornwall

Goethite from the above cabinet

Chris Finch’s case of Somerset Minerals.

Cassiterite from different Mines in St Just district, Cornwall. - Richard Humphrey

Leicestershire Minerals - Neil Hubbard

Pennines and Leicestershire minerals - Peter Briscoe

The ever popular pot luck raffle.

What’s in here?

Let’s find out...

It’s my rocks from Kola which have finally arrived

Perovskite! Self collected.

Mike Brooke, Broadstone Minerals

Cobaltite from Sweden. - Broadstone

Moorland Minerals

Malachite from Alihies, Ireland -Moorland Minerals.

Wavellite, Ballybunion, Ireland - Moorland Minerals

A great Gypsum on Quartz from Cavnic in an equally great showcase

Nic from Taranis Minerals

Dodecahedral galena - Taranis Minerals

Oxford University Museum display - collectors tales.

And it’s time to say goodnight and end our work for the day! Oxford Mineral Show will be the next live report, in 3 weeks.

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*Congratulations* Colleen

Debbie Woolf
18th Nov 2017 2:22pm
Nice article Jolyon - I should have been there but Mr O'Leary cancelled my flight!!

Trevor Boyd
18th Nov 2017 2:43pm
In photo number 9, which is the Rhodochrosite and Kutnahorite from Durnford Quarry, Somerset? :)

Steve Sorrell
20th Nov 2017 8:34am

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