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Crystal Days 20 - Lwowek Slaski 2017

Last Updated: 20th Jul 2017

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

I'm delighted to be back in Poland for the 20th Crystal Days festival.

As usual the town is filled with wooden tables where local and foreign dealers sell minerals, carvings and much more.

Lots of rare micro minerals with Jaroslaw Skupiewski.

The official opening ceremony.

Jaroslaw Skupiewski has a large selection of rare and systematic oddities.

Some oddities.

Some polish mineral books for sale, including some older works. I brought a few for the mindat library.

Spirifer has these new impressive skeletal halite growths from Lublin, Poland.

Agate cutting, live.

Stalls near the old tower, part of the city walls.

Tom is thinking about minerals and is definitely not tired. Also, great t-shirt!

The new mindat portable microscope- on sale soon!

Trying out with some of Jaroslaw's iridosmine grains.

Just pointing the iPhone down one lens gave us this view.

The big evening parade and concert begins.

Up on the stage getting a nice award from the town along with Joaquim Callén and Jeff Scovil

The parade.

We've just been joined on stage by some kind of giant shark and maybe a cat I can't quite make it out.

Free honey for VIPs although there are a bunch of people out in the crowd giving away trees I kid you not.

However being a VIP does guarantee the worst view of the parade. There's a shark in my way.

Now cake? Is there cake?

I don't think you can ever be overdressed for this kind of event.

On way down


Evening party organised by Tom from Spirifer

Jeff Scovil talking about his photographic techniques as part of the day of presentations.

Presentation on crystal formation by John Rakovan

False colour graphite Crystal showing spiral growth mechanism, from John Rakovan's presentation.

Next presentation - Mineralogical Minerals from Merelani, by John Jaszczak.

Graphite 'star' SEM photo

Amie Akhavan talking about fumarole minerals from Iojima

Sulphur stalactites

Off in search of agates

Agates in a hole.

Got me an agate!

Bugs on a plant (it's not Mineralogical, we don't have to be accurate)

Too much agating for Amir.

The afternoon ended with more agate collecting, and this time Roman joined me.

In a small mineral museum in a 600 year old tower in the town of Luban.

Calcite from Grabiszyce.


Local agates.

Next year there will be a mineral festival here in this town at this time, and we will be here for that!

Luban town square, where Crystal Days festival will move to next July.

Famous basalt area.

I'm being interviewed about Mindat's involvement in Crystal Days

John Rakovan asks "what salt was that?"


This is the 15th century basalt quarry where we will have a big open air party next year. Tom promises it won't be raining.

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Thank you Jolyon for showing us the pictures. I would have liked to have a look at that great selection of rare and systematic oddities.


Jose Miguel Sola Fdez.
14th Jul 2017 6:32pm
"giving away trees"... is that a typo... did you mean cheese, perhaps

John Montgomery
14th Jul 2017 8:35pm

Fond memories indeed
Wish I was there Jolyon.



Keith Compton
15th Jul 2017 9:48am
I like very much to see the Jaroslaw Skupiewski's table, a real treasure for us systematic
mineral collectors.

I also wonder over the unusual tree with green balls, to the right side behind Jaroslaw's table.
What type of tree is that ?

Thanks Jolyon for nice and interesting photos.

Regards Ulf

Ulf Nyberg
18th Jul 2017 9:02pm
That tree is most likely a Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis) or similar species, deliberately coiffured to take on that shape (of course).

Show aside, I absolutely love that walled-in field that was created from the remnants of the old Basalt quarry, it certainly looks like a very special space.

Mark Heintzelman
19th Jul 2017 5:42pm
No typo, they were giving away small saplings for people to plant at home.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
20th Jul 2017 12:55am
Thanks Jolyon and Mark for interesting information.

Regards Ulf

Ulf Nyberg
20th Jul 2017 4:18pm
Hi Jolyon, Katia and Roman! I too heard about the new exposition in Luban. But... do you mean the Lato Agatowe will take place no more in Lwowek Slaskie and will move to Luban, or both of the expositions will take place, the Lato Agatowe in Lwowek and the new one in Luban?
Greetings from Italy to all of you (how many are you now? I'm always waiting to all of you in my country!) by Riccardo.

Riccardo Modanesi
3rd Aug 2017 2:17pm

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