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The Nautilus Show, Ghent, Belgium - Live Report

Last Updated: 20th Mar 2016

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

You might be mistaken by reading our show reports that we are only interested in Tucson, Munich and the other big shows. This is certainly not true. The majority of the world's mineral shows are small club events dominated by local dealers and collectors, and these events are just as important, if not more, than the large international events as they are helping to promote mineralogy at the local level.

For this reason and more I was delighted to be invited to the 41st Nautilus Fair in Ghent, Belgium - and I will be demonstrating mindat here and live reporting of course!

The show poster.

We are demonstrating the mindat 3D images today.

The small exhibition here is on mineral and fossil fakes.

Fake trilobites


New on the live report - a live report showing me live reporting a demonstration of the live report feature - Live!

More fossil fakes

Carved ammonite!


Including our favourite Moroccan galena 'geodes'

More fakes

Coated amethyst

And more

Chromium alum grown on natural gypsum!

'Minerals' from Etna!

I'm in the side hall, with displays and some small local collector dealers.

I am being helped today by Paul De Bondt who has been an active mindat member for almost as long as me.

The team!

One local dealer - mostly fossils

It's an opportunity for collectors to sell excess finds.

This is very familiar material - baryte roses from Sheppey, Kent, UK

We are officially three times more important than the bar.

And at 14:30 I'm giving a presentation about mindat.

Entering the main hall.

The local club who organise the event have a table to sell books, tools, etc.

Including a great selection of boxes.

Some of the dealers.

Mineralia from Prague.

'Eisenblute' (aragonite flos feri) - mineralia Prague specimen.

Another advantage of coming to the regional shows is meeting the people who know the area well and getting their information to help fix mistakes and fill gaps in the database. We have just fixed a minor error in the hierarchies of Hainaut Province, Belgium.

Price Down Minerals

Unofficial T-shirt! Unofficial t-shirt!

Dorsan from Antwerp

He has some French Quartz in Chalcedony

Large Sicilian sulphur collected 1986. Minéraux de collection specimen.

And a large aragonite

Louis with some Welsh calcites!

More of this Welsh calcite

From the Tonfanau Quarry. Apparently the largest piece they collected was 140kg!

Another piece from Mineralia of Prague (yes I'm wandering chaotically) - witherite from Alston, England

Rik Dillen

I won't be able to make it myself but another good show in Antwerp is coming up next month.

Herwig Pelckmans

More dealers to explore...

Phosphophyllite from Germany. Christian Montebont specimen.

Boleite in matrix - Christian Montebont specimen

Another of his specimens - Blackdene fluorite

Another Blackdene fluorite

Another part of the hall

Bob Livenys has lots of Congo minerals.

Congo minerals

Halotrichite from Romania - Geotrader Minerals

Polish Gypsum - Geotrader minerals

Radioactive Czech minerals - Geotrader minerals

Gem crystals from Tanzania

Plenty for the systematic collector here

P.Rosseel collection

Elephants! From

They sell geological and lapidary supplies

Radioactive minerals - eloy minerals

Lavrion specialist

Georges from Geonic Minerals, with Jean-Claude Costes

Chocolate! A gift :)

UV Minerals

German minerals from


Another important category of fakes are photoshopped minerals. This photoshopped Spanish pyrite is NOT natural.

The audience is ready for my presentation

The audience at my presentation.

That's better.

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Looks cold there...

Steve Sorrell
20th Mar 2016 10:28am
I like those couches behind the Mindat table. The Belgians obviously know better than us how to be comfortable.

Alfredo Petrov
20th Mar 2016 12:23pm
Hmmm, where's that famous Belgium beer? I like the venue, chocolate, the informality and interesting minerals. After looking around, having a famous beer and then loafing in one of those chairs that Alfredo mentioned would be a must! How about those Welsh calcites? Nice!

Tony L. Potucek
20th Mar 2016 3:03pm
Hi Jolyon,

On Mindat under Dyke Park in Stamford, CT flint is listed as coming from sediments dredged from Stamford, CT harbor.
I have been told that this flint originated as ballast from English ships which dumped the flint in the harbor and that the flint came from the cliffs of Dover, UK. Can you confirm this?

Tony Albini

Tony Albini
20th Mar 2016 3:44pm
It was nice to see people again, also the total show presented of each seller in their own way/style, and I had the pleasure to shake hands with Jolyon and had a small talk.

Ko Jansen.

Ko Jansen
20th Mar 2016 9:57pm
"Unofficial T-shirt! Unofficial t-shirt!"

God helps them that help themselves! :)


Martin Rich
20th Mar 2016 10:44pm
Well, now that it has my signature it's an official unofficial T-shirt.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
20th Mar 2016 11:45pm
The first time in the past 30 years that I am not able to visit the Nautilus Show (health problems...) and then I miss this!
I would have loved to shake hands with mr. Mindat himself.


Pierre Rondelez
21st Mar 2016 2:51pm
Same here! With everything going on I thought it would be OK to skip a year and then the supreme commander visits...
better luck next time! :-)

Philip Mostmans
21st Mar 2016 8:50pm
I'll be there next year too :)

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
22nd Mar 2016 3:04am
There will be a lot of handshaking going on......
Do you drink good beer ?

Pierre Rondelez
23rd Mar 2016 8:22am
Interesting Welsh calcites... Tonfanau Quarry does not seem to appear on Mindat and the only Tywyn I can find is on the coast at the South of Gwynedd - is this the right spot??? There appears to be a disused granite (?) quarry there...

Hope you will come to the Lyon area one day Jolyon - the Beaujolais isn't bad either!


Timothy Greenland
24th Mar 2016 5:26pm
Yes, I was told that Tonfanau Quarry isn't (yet) on mindat.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
24th Mar 2016 7:18pm

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