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Tucson 2016 - Live reports day 2

Last Updated: 6th Feb 2016

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

Today is the first day of the Westward Look mineral show.

Brian Kosnar and his minerals. Ps I promise my descriptions will become more interesting as I wake up properly.

Two rocks that Brian has. No, not any better yet.

Superb Devon childrenite - already sold!

Beautiful old Brazilian Brazilianite from original 1940s material. As with previous pieces Mineral Classics specimen.

Too busy at The Arkenstone to do much right now! But I'll try to take some photos

Fun calcite from The Arkenstone

Heliport, sorry Heliodor minerals. And Cornerstone minerals.

A nice Ukranian Heliodor

Yea, this a high-end mineral show.

Gem minerals at Crystal Classics

Beautiful blue Liroconite crystals with Strashmirite from Cornwall. Crystal Classics

Australian gold

Amazing proustite from morocco

Impressive bournonite from Herodsfoot, Cornwall. Western Minerals

More minerals from Western Minerals

Cuprite and caledonite

Large Glove wulfenite

Axinite and epidote from Peru

At Miner's Lunchbox

At Miner's Lunchbox

Malachite with azurite from Laos

A large plate of azurite from mexico

Superb plate of Laos azurite

Dioptase. Last of the Miner's Lunchbox photos for today.

It's Marcus!

Victor Yount has a couple of large nice Hyalophanes from Bosnia

Nice gold from Brazil

Lots of gold!

Wendel minerals

Dyscrasite - Wendel minerals


Bournonite from Cornwall. Amazing piece!

A little video preview of Wendel minerals

Calcite from Kazakhstan

Nice boleite in matrix

Manganite 'cross' from Germany

Every time i turn around I see a better Cornish Bournonite. However I doubt I'll see any better than this today. Wilensky minerals.

Wooden miner candleholder!

Dioptase on quartz from Namibia. Collector's Edge specimen.

Chinese wulfenite

Emerald from Zambia

Sperrylite fromRussia

Ok, I can't resist. Another bournonite from Cornwall.

I can't leave Collector's Edge without a photo of a Sweet Home Rhodochrosite.

With Phillipe Font of ICM minerals enjoying the sun.

Wait! Look what I found at Graeber and Himes...

Topaz from Ukraine. Graeber and Himes

Graeber and Himes!

Minerals at Graeber and Himes beautifully arranged chromatically.

The best part of the day is meeting friends. Here's Gail and Jim Spann

Fine Minerals International

Halite from Sollstedt Potash Works, Thuringia, Germany - FMI

Fluorite on pyrrhotite from China. FMI

Rose Quartz from Brazil - FMI

Morganite from Brazil - FMI

Milpillas azurite - Evan Jones

Lots of minatures at Unique Minerals

Another milpillas azurite! Unique minerals

Enormous legrandite crystal

Tsumeb gem mimetite - Unique minerals

Gem crystals galore at Green Mountain Minerals

The Cranberry Crown - tourmaline from Brazil. Green Mountain Minerals

Large sweet home rhodochrosite with fluorite etc - Green Mountain Minerals

Illinois Fluorite. Green Mountain Minerals

Chalcocite from Wheal Abraham, Cornwall. Weinrich Minerals

Realgar from Getchell mine, Weinrich minerals

Brett Keller and his mineral wines

It's Tom and Asia!

Gem minerals at Kristalle

Azurite from Tsumeb, Kristalle

Sweet Home Rhodo, Kristalle

Stonetrust minerals

30cm aegirine from Malawi - Stonetrust

Saxony proustite - Stonetrust

Indicolite from brazil - Stonetrust

Huge gwindel collected 2010 from Furka Pass, Switzerland - Christoph Gobin

Lovely Burma tourmaline - Saphira minerals

Cubanite from Quebec - Kristalli specimen

Gypsum and Sulphur from Italy - Kristalli

Phosgenite from Sardinia. Kristalli

Chilean proustite - Dave Bunk Minerals

Azurite - Dave Bunk minerals

Gold! Marcus Budil

Russian tourmaline! Marcus Budil

Large matrix piece

More gold, because gold!! Marcus Budil

Elbaite from Cruzeiro mine, Brazil - Bergmann Minerals

Huge rhodochrosite plate - Bergmann minerals

Bunker Hill pyromorphite - Mike Bergmann minerals

Harz manganite - Mike Bergmann minerals

Baryte on sphalerite over 10vm ball - Tennessee - Anton Watzl

And on video...

New find if heliodor and beryl from madagascar - all from a single pocket. Anton Watzl specimens

Close up of the termination. From Ankazobe Town, Madagascar

Mexican azurite - Pala Inc.

Azurite from Bisbee - Pala Inc.

ps. Sorry for so much azurite in the report. But I like it!

Empty showcase courtesy of the hard work of UPS.

New Los Lamentos wulfenites at Wayne Thompson Fine Minerals

Does it mean I can't take a photo of the sign?

Rhodochrosite collection at The Arkenstone

Finally have a few minutes to take the weight off my feet.

Polish sulphur - The Arkenstone

Beautiful cavansite - can't get the right colour even with the serious camera. In reality it has more of a turquoise hue than this shows. The Arkenstone

Allargentum, etc from Morocco. The Arkenstone

More sweet home rhodo. The Arkenstone

Highly sculptural Illinois fluorite - The Arkenstone

Bill and Will Larson

Time to sign off and get ready for tonight's event at the University of Arizona. Thank you all for viewing the report.

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Enjoying your photos of the minerals and the people at the show. Need any help choosing? I'd break down for the hyalophane!

David L. Busha
5th Feb 2016 6:44pm
crazy prices

Matteo Chinellato
5th Feb 2016 6:58pm
Any chance that you could actually show some mineralogically interesting minerals that average Joe can afford rather than just touting specimens for the top end mineral dealers. Otherwise Mindat just becomes an online version of the Minrec magazine?? Thanking you muchly.

Matt King
5th Feb 2016 7:14pm
Thanks for the great reporting Jolyon! Those Herodsfoot Mine bournonites are thick on the ground today! Makes you realize, more than ever, how many of them came out back in the day. Guess I'll have to add an extra zero to all of mine :-)

Woody Thompson
5th Feb 2016 7:32pm
Thanks Jolyon,

Saving lots of money by staying home, snowed in anyway. Good to see Gail and Jim and Asia and Tom as well.



Paul Siegel
5th Feb 2016 9:32pm
Thanks for this1
Had no idea rhodochrosite was so common!:-)

Kelly Nash
5th Feb 2016 11:14pm
Hi Jolyon
I'm seeing more Bournonites than I saw at the British Natural History Museum a month ago.
Those gold crystals are simply amazing.
Great work Jolyon

Keith Compton
5th Feb 2016 11:23pm
Really like the "new" Heliports and Beryls from Madagascar.
I'm always at the show earlier, and never make it to the Westward Look, but don't touch!
Great photos all around!

Adam Kelly
6th Feb 2016 1:28am
Some really affordable prices! I'll take the gold, proustite, caledonite, dyscrasite, manganite, and the legrandite. I'll display them in my yacht!

Rudy Bolona
6th Feb 2016 3:50am
The phosgenite from Sicily (!) must be truly unique:)

Johan Kjellman
6th Feb 2016 2:39pm
Oops. Fixed!

Ps for those complaining about the lack of low end pieces in todays report I imagine you have never been to this show, it is exclusively high-end minerals. My next show report willbe from the hotel shows with much more affordably priced material

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
6th Feb 2016 4:00pm
Hi Jolyon,

The blue halite is from the Carlsbad Potash District, Eddy County, New Mexico; it's not from Germany.

I really enjoyed the live updates, and had a good time talking to you at the Spann's party!

Phil Simmons

Philip Simmons
29th Feb 2016 3:28am

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