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Tucson 2016 - first live report

Last Updated: 5th Feb 2016

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

This is a LIVE report, keep this page loaded for live updates - new images will appear as they are added.

Welcome to the first of my Tucson live show reports. I'll be photographing and posting as I walk around the shows. If you're not in tow sit back and keep this page loaded to see new photos as they get posted (you don't need to refresh the page it's automatic.) if you're at one of the shows im reporting on stop me and you might join me here online!

I'm starting at the Pueblo Show at the Riverpark Inn

First stop Brett and Allyce Kosnar at Kosnar Gem Co. who have a fantastic selection of cut coloured gemstones.

Montana sapphires from Kosnar Gem Co.

The Uncarved Block

They have a new find of Ajoite from Luputo, Congo

Amethyst from Guerro, Mexico. 15cm. the Uncarved Block

Sorry Greekrocks and others at pueblo now have to walk back to Granada shows for a meeting

Walking past GJX show on way don't have time to go in! Convention centre with AGTA show behind me. Sunny day but quite cold!

Nothing to do with the show but I have nothing else to do while I walk

Next stop - Fine Minerals International

I'm waiting for a meeting in the kitchen. As you do in Tucson. With Tomasz Praszkier

Cabinets at Fine Minerals International

Copper and silver from Kearsarge Lode, Keweenaw, Michigan. FMI specimen about 15cm tall

Tourmaline from Afghanistan


Heliport from Ukraine

Bunker Hill pyromorphite

Incredible azurite 12cm approx

Tourmaline slices!

Now at Hotel Tucson City Center (aka Inn Suites)

Rock Currier's company JTI continuing as usual after his death last year.

Tribute to Rock on the doors

Lazurite from Canada at JTI wholesale only.

Lots of lazulites!

Dioptase and Turquoise from Kazakstan from Rarestone

Amazing new turquoise from Kazakhstan

Dioptase and Malachite combination from Altyn Tube. Is the red cuprite 'tile ore'? I think so

Now visitng Alfredo Petrov who just informed me that my spellchecker was going bezerk. But i quite like heliport crystals.

Jet from Spain

Large native sulphur from bolivia, etc.

Opal & calcite fossil replacement

Botryogen from Rio Tinto, Spain

Alberto Ray and his daughter Melissa at Del Rey Agates

Amazing Laguna agate

Now headed over to Granada Gallery

Victor and Maria Tuzlukov with their amazing cut gem exhibition

Lavender quartz 57.04ct

'Drop of Life' golden beryl 52.83ct

Another display in the gallery, Jurassic Drama, from germany - description panel coming next.

Description panel

Next stop Granada Avenue Mineral Show

How about this for an amethyst geode?

Matrix India and zeolites!

Close up of their large zeolite etc geode!

Back at Inn Suites - Richard and Safaa from Collector's Edge

Enormous chinese plumbogummite - Collector's Edge

Dinosaurs attack

Mustafa at Fine Art Minerals

Vesuvianite from Pakistan

Joaquim Callen photographing some if Mustafa's minerals

Large Elbaite from Borschovochmy Range, Russia found 2015. Russian Minerals

Jeff Scovil photographing!

Orange Trees

Its Ed!

Mal Southwood at Crystal Classics working hard.

English quartz - Crystal Classics

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Heliodor - not heliport.

David Von Bargen
4th Feb 2016 8:35pm
poor ol' New Jersey always gets picked on!

Jeff Krueger
4th Feb 2016 10:01pm
poor ol' New Jersey always gets picked on!

Jeff Krueger
4th Feb 2016 10:13pm
let Alfredo know that we appreciate that he goes to all those 'horrible' places, like Japan and Bolivia, so we don't have to!

Jeff Weissman
4th Feb 2016 10:15pm
The zoom feature of the website works great with the captures you are uploading. Nice job, Jolyon!

ps. My previous NJ comment was in reference to the "horrible places" label and image.

Jeff Krueger
4th Feb 2016 10:16pm
poor ol' New Jersey always gets picked on!

Jeff Krueger
4th Feb 2016 10:16pm
That fish and pterosaur fossil is incredible.

Jason Evans
4th Feb 2016 11:20pm
This is great.

Michael Wood
4th Feb 2016 11:56pm
Hello Ed 31 minutes ago!

Woody Thompson
5th Feb 2016 1:18am
And now i'm off duty for the day!

See you all online again tomorrow.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
5th Feb 2016 1:37am
Sharp photos with excellent mix of venues, people and minerals. It is a great comfort for those of us that did not have the chance to go this year. Looking forward to the next episode.

Knut Eldjarn
5th Feb 2016 6:18am
Hi Jolyon, Virginia and I went to the Tucson Show many times in the 70’s and 80’s but we can no longer travel. It is great to see the show via your photos. The ability to enlarge the photos with excellent clarity is a big plus. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Larry Maltby
5th Feb 2016 11:50am
Great set of photos. Really gives a feel for all that is going on. My god, are there enough well heeled collectors in all the world to afford all those minerals! Here in Texas the oil bust is hurting a lot of pockets.

Stephen C. Blyskal
6th Feb 2016 12:48am

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