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The Munich Mineral Show 2014

Last Updated: 5th Nov 2014

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

Munich Mineral Show 2014

And for the tenth year in a row I made the pilgrimage to Munich to visit the world's largest single-venue mineral and gem show.

Looking over one of the four halls.

Wayne and Dona Leicht of Kristalle have had an eventful year - they have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Wayne and Dona!

A small part of Kristalle's display

Calcite from the Stank Mine, Cumbria, UK (Kristalle)

Classic little campylite from Dry Gill, Cumbria, UK (Kristalle)

Alan Hart looking at some Alpine classics in the display of Marcus Budil

Fluorite from Frunthorn, Switzerland (Marcus Budil)

Amethyst sceptre from St.Gotthard, Switzerland (Marcus Budil)

Next, some minerals from Saphira Minerals.

A lovely little amethyst group from Jackson Crossroads, Georgia, USA (Saphira)

Opal-CT from Khorixas, Namibia (Saphira)

Another amethyst sceptre from the Swiss Alps (Saphira)

Fine Art Minerals had some very interesting cesium-rich Beryl (or 'vorobyevite') from Deo Darrah, in Afghanistan.

"Vorobyevite" on matrix (Fine Art Minerals)

Matrix-free "vorobyevite" (Fine Art Minerals)

Christos Spiromitros of GreekRocks was selling a fine selection of Greek minerals, many from his personal collection. I have never seen such a good selection of Greek minerals on offer together before! So, continuing with our quartz sceptre theme...

Christos in his booth at the show.

Quartz sceptre on prase, Avessalos, Seriphos, Greece (Greekrocks)

Amethyst sceptre on smoky quartz, Dasoto, Greece (Greekrocks)

Motivbriefmarken Callimici have been at the Munich Show for many years, but I have never included them in my reports until now. They specialise in minerals (and fossils, dinosaurs, etc) on postage stamps - something of which I have a small sub-collection myself.

Their booth

Stamps for sale (Motivbriefmarken Callimici)

Long time friends and conference organizers Spirifer Minerals were of course at the show.

here's how their booth looks like when it's tidy before crowds enter

One of their cabinets

Halotrichite from Baiut, Romania (Spirifer Minerals)

This year's theme was meteorites, and I have to say it was probably the least impressive major display at Munich I have seen for many years. The design of the display area was, as always, excellent, but the specimens were few and disappointing. Most major museum galleries have better meteorite selections on display.

But at least the display area was pretty.

Crystal Classics had a fabulous collection of Broken Hill, Australia minerals on sale.

The display of Australian minerals (Crystal Classics)

Cerussite from Broken Hill, Australia (Crystal Classics)

Cerussite from Broken Hill, Australia (Crystal Classics)

Another view of the collection.

Cerussite from Broken Hill, Australia (Crystal Classics)

Pyromorphite on coronadite from Broken Hill, Australia (Crystal Classics)

Goethite coating cerussite pseudomorphs after anglesite from Broken Hill, Australia (Crystal Classics)

And in their main display cases there were more interesting things:

Opal-CT ("Lussatite") replacing "Helix Ramondi" Land snail, from Dallet, Auvergne, France (Crystal Classics)

Another piece of the same material (Crystal Classics)

"Horsetooth" siderite from Wheal Maudlin, Cornwall, UK (Crystal Classics)

Gold from Hope's Nose, Devon, UK (Crystal Classics)

Dmitry Lisitsin and Ekaterina Lovskaya from LBL Minerals Moscow had a selection of Russian rarities and other fun things:

Milarite from Ermaskovskoe, Buryatia Republic, Russia (LBL Minerals Moscow)

Gibbsite from the Kamenushka mine, Kemerovskaya oblast', Russia (LBL Minerals Moscow)

An unusual sphere of a skarn assemblage including amphibole, fluorite and magnnetite (LBL Minerals Moscow)

And a sphere of uvarovite in matrix (LBL Minerals Moscow)

Russian Minerals gave me the sad news that the Rubtsovskoe deposit in Russia, famous for cuprite, copper and copper/silver halide minerals is now "finished" and no new material is being recovered. Some of the last material recovered before closure included some good cerussite specimens. They also had a new find of Goethite radial sprays from Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine.

Cerussite from Rubtsovskoe (Russian Minerals)

Cerussite and malachite from Rubtsovskoe (Russian Minerals)

Goethite on feldspar, from Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine (Russian Minerals)

Large goethite nodule split, from Volodarsk-Volynskii, Ukraine (Russian Minerals)

Have I really been visiting the Munich Show for ten years? Seems I have! Check out the previous show reports:

2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013

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Great report Jolyon! Thanks for the news about the cuprite from Rubtsovskoe. I have been dithering about getting one of these from a dealer who has a good selection, and I'll head there now and pull the trigger on one.

Stephen C. Blyskal
29th Oct 2014 6:24pm
need meteorite exbhition photos

Matteo Chinellato
30th Oct 2014 9:39am
I didn't get any good photos from the meteorite exhibition. But there was not very much in it.

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
30th Oct 2014 1:33pm
Did the meteorite exhibit include anything on the recent Chelyabinsk fall in Russia, that blew out windows etc. when it exploded in the atmosphere? The local people recovered a great many meteorites from this event. Judging from the write-up in Mineralogical Almanac, it would have provided material for a fascinating display.

Woody Thompson
31st Oct 2014 1:14am
Jolyon interesting notes about the Rubtsovskoe deposit Cuprite being mined out along with other minerals. I know the Azurite 'Floaters' are more rare and harder to find but it seems the market is flooded with Cuprite from that same deposit and can vary wildly in pricing. Thankfully I took advantage earlier and obtained some 'Floaters' and some Cuprite Clusters. Now that you mention it though I wouldn't mind acquiring a few more samples.

19th Nov 2014 9:25pm

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