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NY-NJ Gem and Mineral Show 2013

Last Updated: 14th Apr 2013

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

NY/NJ Gem and Mineral Show 2013

Katya and I were happy to be invited to the 2nd NY/NJ Gem and Mineral show held in Edison, NJ. Today was the 2nd day, tomorrow the show continues so hopefully we will see more people tomorrow.

Outside the show

The show is very busy - here Rocksaholics are swamped by visitors. manager Alfredo Petrov with his mineral selection.

Feeding frenzy.

Amanda Adkins had a brand new find of etched/complex topaz crystals from Pike's Peak, Colorado

The best doubly-terminated crystal.

A selection of these, some showing bicolouring.

Dinosaurs roamed the center of the hall for an authentic Jurassic experience.

Well, OK, they were fairly static. But still impressive.

Terry Szenics had some wonderful British minerals, including this superb Carn Brea fluorite.

And a Caledonite from Leadhills, Scotland.

Have you ever seen amethyst sceptres from Devon, England? No. Me neither.

Huge backlit Fluorite from Well-Arranged Molecules.

Stonetrust booth at the show.

A large plate of silver from Imiter, Morocco that they had.

Sokolowski Poland had a huge collection of synthetic zincite from Poland.

Visitors admiring mineral cabinets from both sides.

Astro-Gallery of Gems had this piece, which someone I don't think carries the current price.

They also had this interesting Anglesite in Sulphur. I loved the stripey paper clip too.

And a beautiful Legrandite.

And a fabulous English calcite

And a fabulous Chinese calcite!!!

MineralMovies had this great Faraday mine, Bancroft hunk of chalcopyrite-included calcite.

And this classic Pakistan aquamarine.

Green Mountain Minerals had a superb Tanzanite

Joaquim Callen's portable photography setup.

Miner's Lunchbox booth

Scott Werschky of Miner's Lunchbox removing the many grubby fingerprints after a day's viewing.

His stunning Chinese Acanthite.

Super Tsumeb dioptase.

I had to wait until near the end of the show to get photos of the mineral displays.

Franklin Rhodonite - Franklin Mineral Museum

Franklin Amazonite - Franklin Mineral Museum

Superb Rhodonite from Franklin - Rutgers Department of Geology

Huge crystals from the Rhein Property, Amity, New York.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum put on a display of Fluorescent minerals. Here's a composite showing some pieces with/without UV

Another UV cabinet

And another

And another

The show is open tomorrow (Sunday 15th April 2013) 10am to 5pm. See for details.

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We took Joaquim to the airport at 7:30 a.m. in Dallas, glad he made it to NY okay!

Gail Spann
14th Apr 2013 3:24am
Not sure which continent you're on Jolyon, but the last I checked April 15 is Monday, otherwise known in the states as Tax Day!! :P

Great writeup of the show, as always....

Paul Brandes
14th Apr 2013 8:52pm
Great to see you Raph and Katya, appropriately located in the Fine Mineral and Gem Gallery.
We got to work on improved promotional material at the booth to showcase the many virtues of
I invite a team of volunteers to man the Mindat booth at the NJ show in 2014.
Example: Computer with large monitor suggested to showcase Mindat.

Johan Maertens
15th Apr 2013 12:41am
This was an amazing show with gorgeous exhibits. I am glad such a new event near NYC has taken off successfully even in challenged economic times. The specimens on display encompassed top quality minerals from the vast majority of geological environments observed in New York and New Jersey. A lot of cool specimens were available for sale ranging from inexpensive to top quality for species/locality, but I do wish I saw more of an emphasis on local finds from dealers.

It was great to see so many people from diverse locations coming out to the show and it was a pleasure to meet Jolyon and Katya! I think increasing interest in mineral/rock collecting was evident due to the often large crowds present in the display areas. Hope to see you folks next year!

Jeremy A. Zolan
15th Apr 2013 3:25am
Jolyon, it was wonderful meeting you and Katya at the show. Heather and I had a great day. We bought a few mineral specimens and some other items (jewelry for Heather), chatted with some friends and looked at all the great displays. Thanks for coming to NJ and I hope the rest of your trip goes well. Please let us know how your experience was at Franklin and Sterling Hill.

Gary Moldovany
16th Apr 2013 12:30am
Many of the displays were quite stunning, particularly the Franklin minerals, "Herkimer diamonds", Tilly Foster mine and other upstate New York material.
Security personnel were remarkably alert and efficient; I particularly enjoyed their periodic announcements about the number of shoplifters they'd arrested, and the accompanying clapping from the attendees :))
Even the food vendor had decent edibles for a fair price - Unusual for events with a captive audience.

Alfredo Petrov
16th Apr 2013 4:28pm
Jolyon, it was a pleasure to finally meet you and Katya in person. Wish we had more time, I was taking down the Tilly Foster specimens with boxes in hand. Hope you enjoyed seeing all the venerable East Coast USA classic localities. Hope you enjoy the Franklin and Sterling Mine museums and displays while you are here, they are truly species rich and diverse in scope.
Steven Kuitems

Steven Kuitems
16th Apr 2013 10:36pm
Jolyon, a great selection of photos! It was great to meet you and Katya. I'm glad my tripod was useful to you on Sat. We came to the show all three days and had a great time. I bought specimens for my collection and for my business. Took about 500 photos, which I'm going through now to prep for my talk in Austin tomorrow night. I'm going to focus on the NJ mineral displays with maps to show where they are from. Dealer photos if I have time. Our best find was a young digger from South Carolina who had some very nice quartz specimens he had dug himself. There were lots of good deals if you looked hard and bargained enough. I did come home with two very nice prehnite specimens from NJ to add to my collection. Hope you had a great time touring Franklin, the Rochester Symposium and the Smithsonian. We went to the Oceanview Mine near Pala while we were in San Diego and had a great time.

Stephen C. Blyskal
24th Apr 2013 10:29pm

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