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Tucson 2013 - Westward Look Show

Last Updated: 10th Mar 2013

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

Tucson 2013 - The Westward Look Show

Now that I'm back in the UK I can finish my show reports for the Tucson Shows. Firstly, we have the Westward Look show.
As I know you're far more interested in photos than what I have to write, I'll keep words to a minimum and just let you view the photos. In some cases I may not have full details of where specimens were displayed, if I have displayed your specimen without correct attribution PLEASE contact me immediately and I'll fix it here.

The show is run in several villas at the luxury Westward Look resort

Large (12cm?) liddicoatite crystal from Estatoby, Madagascar (Watzl Minerals)

And another Liddicoatite from Madagascar (Watzl Minerals)

Bisbee Azurite on Malachite (Gobin Minerals)

Calcite from Stank Mine, Barrow-in-Furness, UK (Gobin Minerals)

Fine, sharp pyrite from Elba, Italy (Gobin Minerals)

Dioptase from Mindouli, Congo (Pala Inc)

Pseudomalachite, Zambia (The Arkenstone)

Serandite, Quebec, Canada (Mineral Masterpiece)

Mottramite ps Wulfenite, Tsumeb, Namibia (Mineral Masterpiece)

Tourmaline with Morganite, Pederneira Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil (The Arkenstone)

Sulphur, Cozzo Disi Mine, Siciliy, Italy (The Arkenstone)

Sapphire, Zazafotsy Quarry, Madagascar (The Arkenstone)

Gold, Jamestown, California (The Arkenstone)

Tourmaline, Paprok, Afghanistan (The Arkenstone)

Wulfenite, Los Lamentos, Mexico (The Arkenstone)

Cornetite, DR Congo (The Arkenstone)

Pyrite, Merelani hills, Tanzania (The Arkenstone)

Wulfenite, Tsumeb (Dave Bunk)

Brett and Allyce Kosnar talking gems

Orpiment from Twin Creeks Mine, Nevada (Mineral Classics)

Tantalite from Alto Ligonhe, Mozambique (Mineral Classics)

Galena from China (Mineral Classics)

Gibbsite from China (Mineral Classics)

Quahog Pearl in shell (Graeber & Himes)

Huge Elbaite with Quartz (Graeber & Himes)

Boleite from Amelia Mine, Baja California, which I always thought was in Mexico! (The Mineral Gallery)

Calcite from Egremont, England

Silver from Imiter Mine, Morocco (Stonetrust)

Silver from Bou Azzer, Morocco (Stonetrust)

Gold from Venezuela (Stonetrust)

'The Swan' and 'The Dragon', Gold from Venezuela (Stonetrust)

Gold 'leaves', Venezuela (Stonetrust)

Neptunite and Benitoite from California (Stonetrust)

Stonetrust also had by far and away the best chocolate at the show.

Exceptional Cerussite from Tsumeb, Namibia (Fine Minerals International, now in Gail & Jim Spann collection)

Copper and Silver, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA (Fine Minerals International)

Demantoid, Antetezambato, Madagascar (Fine Minerals International)

One of the displays at Fine Minerals International, with excellent lighting.

Legrandite from Ojuela Mine, Mexico (Unique Minerals)

Wulfenite with Endlichite, Los Lamentos, Mexico (Unique Minerals)

Huge Legrandite crystal, Ojuela, Mexico

Clouds gathering

Calcite with Coronadite(?), Tsumeb, Namibia (Weinrich Minerals)

Azurite from China (Weinrich Minerals)

Brett Keller showing his mineral wines

Amazing Tsumeb Scorodite (eShop Mineralien)

Siderite from Tsumeb, Namibia (eShop Mineralien)

Allargentum from Hartenstein, Germany (eShop Mineralien)

Opal 'pineapple' pseudomorph after Ikaite/Glendonite from Australia (AusRox)

Wulfenite from Toussit, Morocco (AusRox)

At the Westward Look reception, Dallas area collector Kevin Brown was displaying part of his collection.

Kevin Brown with displays

Display close-up

Groutite from Robert Mine, Minnesota

Rhodonite from Franklin, New Jersey

Blue Halite from the new find at Intrepid Potash Mine, New Mexico

Spinel from the Crazy Sphinx Mine, Montana

Hemimorphite epimorphs after calcite, Joplin, Missouri

Wavellite from Maudlin Mt, Arkansas

Silver from Kearsarge Mine, Michigan

On the Sunday evening, a special presentation was held with speakers from three major mineral specimen mining projects describing their recent successes. Before the event, there was a social hour with drinks and the opportunity to purchase mineral publications!

Guenther Neumeier with the Mineralogical Record magazines on sale.

Gail Spann realises I may be taking even more photos than her. Mary Fong/Walker to the right

The delightfully cheery Ludmila Cheshko offering Mineralogical Almanac magazines

Terry and Marie Huizing from Rocks and Minerals magazine

First talk was from Cal Graeber talking about the Weardale Giant, a massive fluorite from the Rogerley Mine in Weardale, England

Second was Adam Wright from the Adelaide Mine in Tasmania, where spectacular pockets of crocoite crystals have been uncovered recently.

Finally, Jeff Swanger from the Oceanview Mine in Pala, California talked about the recent find of large gem-quality Kunzite crystals...

... such as this one

Finally it's time to follow the illuminated cacti and go back to our hotel.

Next (and final) installment: the TGMS show!

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Thanks so much for your taking the time to post this report. It was delightful to see you, and Katya, at the Tucson show.

Gail Spann
23rd Feb 2013 5:55pm
Thank you for a great report

Oivind Thoresen
23rd Feb 2013 6:11pm
I enjoyed that, Jolyon - thanks a lot

By the way on photo #34 (I think) the neptunite deserves a mention too... it's better than the natrolite !

Timothy Greenland
27th Feb 2013 4:38pm
Thank you so much for showing such marvels to mineral fans who could not afford the trip to Tucson.

Vincent and Michele Gallo.

Vincent, Michele Gallo
3rd Apr 2013 4:49pm

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