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The Munich Mineral Show 2012

Last Updated: 29th Oct 2012

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

I returned to the Munich Show for the seventh straight year, although just a two day flying visit this time as we have a lot to prepare for Morocco.

The Munich Show

The main theme this year is Africa (quite topical with the Conference this year also being in Africa). As usual the display was incredible:

Tsumeb Dioptase

Scorodite from Tsumeb

Changoite from the Namib Lead Mine


More Tanzanite

Big, but ugly, Chalcocite from DR Congo

Cerussite from Tsumeb

Huge rhodochrosite cluster from N'Chwaning

"The Snail" from N'Chwaning

Outside of the exhibitions, the dealers had a fine selection of minerals.

This one wasn't from Africa, but one could mistake the shape for the continent.

Gold nugget from Bendigo, Australia - The Arkenstone specimen

They also had this impressive exhibit of important specimens including a Romanian gold from the University of Arizona collections and a Kongsberg silver that used to belong to Swedish King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden.

Arkenstone special specimen display

The Kongsberg Silver

The Romanian Gold

The inevitable Ilfeld Manganite

A new find of quartz with fuchsite inclusions from Madagascar

More views from the show...

Beautiful display at Wendel Minerals

Kristina Bode at Mineralen Welt showing their new calender of German Minerals

Tom at Spirifer Minerals was very busy, not only is he selling at Munich, he's getting ready to go straight from Munich to Morocco to run the Mindat Conference.

Tom Praszkier at the Spirifer Minerals booth

He had some new and interesting artificial zinc oxide groups from Poland

These Moldavites in matrix from Czech republic looked suspicious, but Tom assures us they are natural

Prize for the weirdest discovery has to be these fossil pine cones containing analcime from Castelsardo, Sardinia, Italy. (Coll. Baldizzone specimens).

Fossil pinecone

The controversy over the fake 'Tadjikistan' heliodor never seems to go away, but at least one seller in Munich had decided to label these honestly. Apparently these are irradiated using medical machinery containing cobalt-60 (possibly chemotheraphy?) in Peshwar, Pakistan.

Irradiated Beryl from Pakistan - Alfredo Petrov specimens

Sieber Mineral Collection had a fine selection of unusual pegmatite minerals from Sri Lanka, including massive Edenite, Zircon and Forsterite.




I also took the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Society of Mineral Museum Professionals at Munich with representatives from many European museum mineralogy departments along with some guests from the United States. It all was going so well until they saw me trying to take photographs.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Alan D. Hart, Henrik Friis (it's hard to believe his ancestors were Vikings), and Mike Rumsey

Christophe Gobin had more new mineral specimens from Iran, including these wonderful descloizites with mimetite.

Descloizite and Mimetite from Iran

Ludmilla and Michael from Mineralogical Almanac had a small party at their booth with Russian vodka and chocolate.

На здоровье!

Meanwhile, Ian Bruce is hard at work at the Crystal Classics/Kristalle booth.

This specimen is worth a lot of gold coins

They also had some excellent new pyrite specimens from Merelani Hills, the Tanzanite locality in Tanzania.


More pyrite, this time on hematite, from the classic Isle of Elba, Italy locality, from dealer Stefano Freschl

Pyrite from Elba

Pyrite on hematite from Elba

Finally, while taking photos of specimens on Jordi Fabre's table, this butterfly came and landed right in front of me, crawled around inside the box with this Chinese Loelligite+Arsenopyrite specimen, then flew off again.

Butterfly on Loellingite

My next reports will be from Morocco. Stay tuned!

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The show was great! I was very glad to meet some of mindat members in person.

Pavel Martynov
31st Oct 2012 8:53pm
You could seen here 260 pictures for africa exposition :


Account Closed
31st Oct 2012 9:08pm
Not sure why the above says "Link broken?" - seems to work for me.

Alfredo Petrov
4th Nov 2012 10:50am

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