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Tokyo Show Report 2011 (TIMA SHOW)

Last Updated: 10th Jun 2011

By Yuko Tanaka

Tokyo gem and mineral show, June 2011
Reported by Yuko Tanaka; photos by Yuko Tanaka

Tokyo show 2011

Considering the recent huge magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan, followed by catastrophic tsunami, meltdown of 3 nuclear power reactors, and resulting electric power shortage, Japan got a lot of negative news recently and many collectors were wondering how the Tokyo gem and mineral show would be affected. We want to show the world that the situation is surprisingly normal in Tokyo and we enjoyed a very successful show.

Several foreign dealers got scared and didn't come to Japan for the show this year, so the smaller second floor displays were cancelled and everybody fit on the main show floor. But we still got 67 Japanese dealers and 63 dealers from foreign countries.

Tokyo show 2011

Tokyo show 2011

There are still daily small aftershocks, and a few escalators and rolling sidewalks weren't operating, to save power, and a few train lines have reduced service, but otherwise the city has gone back to its usual rhythm of hard work in the daytime and parties at night!

Tokyo show 2011
Alfredo Petrov, from California
Scott Davis of American-Tai Trading, from Thailand
Pallasite Olivines

He had meteoritic forsterites from many different pallasites - true ET gemstones!

Louis Carion, from Paris
Chalcedony replaced fossils

Carion had a new find of fossils replaced by chalcedony from Western Sahara (currently occupied by Morocco).

Denis Gravier, from France

Denis' sapphires from France and Colombia, jeremejevite, beautiful flourites.

Paul Botha, from South Africa
Hisami and Jimmy MacNiel, from Memphis
Charles Mark, from Florida

Beer vendor
The beer vendor sits high above the crowd, overlooking the main floor.


The beer vendor gets money from Alfredo and Denis.

Jim Work`s amber

Amber is popular in Japan, and this American dealer brought REAL amber from the Dominican Republic. Some other booths had real amber too, but some had just young tree sap from Columbia.


Charles Mark trying to catch some of Australian dealer Anthony Fraser's gold with his teeth.


Wayne Leicht and Lois Nelson of Kristalle have been coming to the Tokyo show for many years, since it first started. This year, one of their specimens was the most talked about in the show: a 25cm Japan-law twin from Yamanashi prefecture that they repatriated to Japan from the Philadelphia Academy collection!


Foreigners might expect to see lots of ladies wearing kimonos, but its not so common, except in festivals. But here you see one customer in a kimono, visiting a table where amateur field collectors sell their local japanese minerals.

Japanese Benitoite
Benitoite crystals close up

A couple of the Japanese dealers had pieces from a small new find in Japan: Crystallized benitoite - very rare from anywhere outside the USA! But don't get worried, California - the japanese crystals are only 1 or 2mm size. I couldn't find one big enough to cut yet :(

Last day of the show

Many people, dealers and customers, commented how happy the atmosphere was, which was surprising, considering how miserable and depressed people were the month before, after the horrendous disasters. A big thanks to TIMA (Tokyo International Mineral Association) for their efficient organization of this happy event.

PS: In case anyone is wondering why several faces on these photos have white glare spots on them... No, it isn`t a camera defect, it`s just that in Japan, for privacy reasons, it`s considered unacceptable to publish peoples` faces, even in crowd photos, without their permission. Sorry about that :)

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Thank you so much for writing this report to share with us, love to go the Tokyo show again, had a great time there:)

Ida Chau
10th Jun 2011 11:55am

Thank you for this wonderful report; I always enjoy reading about mineral shows in other places around the world. I feel as if I was a visitor.


Joseph Polityka
10th Jun 2011 2:49pm
Thanks for the very nice report Yuko! I hope you are having fun and finding lots of nice things!

~ Carl

Carl Acosta
10th Jun 2011 7:20pm
That was a very cheerful report, Yuko! Thanks!

Alfredo Petrov
11th Jun 2011 1:58am
Yuko, thank you for this fine report, I enjoyed it very much.


Stephanie Martin
12th Jun 2011 2:58am
Really enjoyed this report! many thanks!


Jake Harper
12th Jun 2011 3:54am
Hey Yuko, thanks for the report!
It looks very very crowded in that hall.

Amir C. Akhavan
14th Jun 2011 4:48pm
Thanks, everyone. Glad you enjoyed it.
Welcome to visit gem and mineral shows in japan.


Yuko Tanaka
16th Jun 2011 7:10pm

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