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NEW - Minerals Newspaper (free download)

Last Updated: 29th Dec 2010

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

Minerals Newspaper - Issue 1

We are happy to announce the publication of a new mineral newspaper - MINERALS, Newspaper For Collectors! This newspaper edited by Tomasz Praskier and Scott Werschky will be published twice a year, and given out free of charge at all major mineral shows. The first issue has articles on the new crocoite find at the Adelaide mine in Australia, gold from Round Mountain, USA, and an interview with Jeff Scovil.

It will also be available as a free download from The download link is at the bottom of this page.

You can pick up a printed copy for free in Tucson at the following locations:

TGMS ("Main Show"): booth (upper level) or Miner’s Lunchbox (main hall)

'Inn Suites' Hotel:

Jeff Scovil Photography or the Miner’s Lunchbox/Spirifer Minerals

Westward Look Show:

Miner’s Lunchbox

If you will not be attending the show, and would like to receive a printed copy (for only the cost of postage), please e-mail to:

Minerals Newspaper - Issue 1

Click here to download

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Great job, people!!

Chris Mavris
30th Dec 2010 11:43am
Fantastic job, Tom and Scott, great photos Jeff!

Harjo Neutkens
30th Dec 2010 4:42pm
Absolutely superb! I enjoyed the locality articles but especially the collector interview. It's always interesting to learn how other collectors think about their minerals.
I look forward to the next edition, and the only problem I can see is the very high benchmark you've set for yourselves....

Again, many congratulations!

Malcolm Southwood
31st Dec 2010 3:33am
Nice to see the top left photo as the piece I gave Jim one Christmas a year or so ago. The Jonas that used to be in the Minnette collection. Thanks so much for putting this all together, what a great idea!

Gail Spann
31st Dec 2010 3:37am
Thank you all for good words! Please remember to pick your free copies in Tucson, if not they will be available at Sainte Marie.

Tomasz Praszkier
31st Dec 2010 8:43am
Why not make it available at smaller shows as well?

Steve Hardinger
31st Dec 2010 4:16pm
I must say… THANK YOU! Best Regards.

Ricardo Pimentel
1st Jan 2011 10:21pm
Great job, Thomas and Steve, number 1 is great; I hope you will keep this high standard on the future.

Luiz Alberto Dias Menezes, Fo.
3rd Jan 2011 12:47am
Great work - now I need a new yellow ink cartridge for my printer!

Evan Chugg
3rd Jan 2011 1:06am
Evan, printing on home printer is not good idea - newspaper is A3 format so if printed on A4 letters will be very small. Why not just pick up free copy in Tucson?

Tomasz Praszkier
3rd Jan 2011 1:14pm
Or pay Tom to post you one - much cheaper than a yellow ink cartridge!

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
3rd Jan 2011 4:44pm
Or post 5 at once - for you and for your friends!

Tomasz Praszkier
3rd Jan 2011 5:19pm
I'll personally come and pick up a box of them :)

Chris Mavris
5th Jan 2011 11:14pm
Bravo! Bravo! Great job guys! I only wish there were more.

Michael Hopkins
11th Jan 2011 12:11pm
There will be more :)

Next issue will be available in time for the Mindat Conference

Jolyon & Katya Ralph
11th Jan 2011 3:20pm
The newspaper is already printed so we know its weight and shipping costs, here is a table with the postage prices, if anybody is interested in receiving a copy please write me an email at All the best! Tom

North America and Africa
1-2 copies → 5,70$
3 copies → 8.50$
4-7 copies → 15.20$
8-15 copies → 29.40$

1-2 copies → 5.50$
3 copies → 7.10$
4-7 copies → 12.30$
8-15 copies → 23.50$

Asia and South America
1-2 copies → 6.40$
3 copies → 9.90$
4-7 copies → 18.20$
8-15 copies → 36.00$

Australia and Oceania
1-2 copies → 8.80$
3 copies → 13.40$
4-7 copies → 25.00$
8-15 copies → 53.50$

Tomasz Praszkier
14th Jan 2011 6:16pm
BRAVO!!! This is superbly done and needed. Can others share in contributing short articles and photos?

Bill Morgenstern
25th Jan 2011 2:26pm
Thanks! I am happy you like it. We would be happy if anybody would like to submit an article to the newspaper but we can not guarantee that it will be published. Generally we would like to focus on the new things that were not yet published or on localites that were not yet described well in other magazines. Please if you have any ideas, suggestions and would like to contribute in any way write me an email with details ( ). Thanks! All the best, Tom

Tomasz Praszkier
26th Jan 2011 12:31pm

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