Quijarroite, Hansblockite, Umangite, Klockmannite, Eldragónite, Clausthalite, Krut'aite, Penroseite

Specimen ID: Y7N-5XT

Quijarroite : Cu6HgPb2Bi4Se12
Hansblockite : (Cu,Hg)(Bi,Pb)Se2
Umangite : Cu3Se2
Eldragónite : Cu6BiSe4(Se2)
Krut'aite : CuSe2
Penroseite : (Ni,Co,Cu)Se2
Mindat locality:
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Reflected light digital image in air of quijarroite (qui) in association with hansblockite (hb),clausthalite (cl), krut’aite-penroseite (k-p), klockmannite (kl), umangite (u), and eldragónite (eld). All species are confirmed by microprobe analysis. Horizontal field of view is 200 μm. Reference: H-J Förster, L Bindi, G Grundmann, & C J Stanley (2016) Quijarroite, Cu6HgPb2Bi4Se12, a New Selenide from the El Dragón Mine, Bolivia. Minerals 2016, 6, 123; doi:10.3390/min6040123
Dr. Günter Grundmann - 29th November 2016
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