Bixbyite, Topaz

Specimen ID: RTL-4XH

Bixbyite : Mn3+2O3
Topaz : Al2(SiO4)(F,OH)2
Mindat locality:
24mm x 15mm x 7mm

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Bixbyite crystal perched on a gemmy topaz crystal. Specimen size 24mm x 15mm x 7mm. From the Maynard Bixby type locality for bixbyite. Dave Richerson specimen and photograph.
David W. Richerson - 9th April 2005

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Classic combination of a simple cube of bixbyite on a topaz crystal from the Maynard Bixby type locality for bixbyite in the Thomas Range, Utah. Specimen is 24 x 15 x 7 mm and was obtained from John Holfert in the late 1990s. Dave Richerson specimen and photograph, February 2005.
David W. Richerson - 16th November 2006
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