Vaesite, Trogtalite, Chalcopyrite, Krut'aite, Penroseite, Clausthalite

Specimen ID: F17-15A

Vaesite : NiS2
Trogtalite : CoSe2
Chalcopyrite : CuFeS2
Krut'aite : CuSe2
Penroseite : (Ni,Co,Cu)Se2
Mindat locality:

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Reflected light digital image in air of chalcopyrite-(g7) (ch) cementing and corroding the Ni-Co-rich margin of two facing krut'aite-penroseite solid solution-(g5) aggregates (k-p) rich in clausthalite (cl) inclusions. The reaction zone consists of pink vaesite-pyrite solid solutions (vae) and Cu-Co-rich penroseite (p) and rarely, minute grains of trogtalite (tro). All mineral species are confirmed by electron microprobe analyses. For further explanations see reference: Günter Grundmann and Hans-Jürgen Förster (2017): Origin of the El Dragón Selenium Mineralization, Quijarro Province, Potosí, Bolivia. Published in: MINERALS 2017, 7, 68; doi:10.3390/min7050068 G. Grundmann collection and photo.
Dr. Günter Grundmann - 3rd August 2017
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