Montgomeryite, Mitridatite

Specimen ID: 6WH-N24

Montgomeryite : Ca4MgAl4(PO4)6(OH)4·12H2O
Mitridatite : Ca2Fe3+3(PO4)3O2·3H2O
As recorded:
Milgun Variscite Mine, Milgun Station, Meekatharra Shire, Western Australia, Australia
Mindat locality:

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Sprays of clear montgomeryite crystals on yellow-brown mitridatite, with hexagonal shaped segelerite crystals at the bottom of the photo. Image taken with Olympus E-M1 Camera with Nikon 10x objective and zoom lens. Specimen ex Ted Fowler/Jo Price.
John Haupt - 3rd July 2018
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