Hansblockite, Eskebornite, Eldragónite, Clausthalite, Klockmannite

Specimen ID: 4KR-F5J

Hansblockite : (Cu,Hg)(Bi,Pb)Se2
Eskebornite : CuFeSe2
Eldragónite : Cu6BiSe4(Se2)
Mindat locality:

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Reflected plane polarized light digital image in air illustrating laths of hansblockite (pleochroic in shades of cream to slightly darker greyish cream) in an assemblage with eskebornite (brown), kruta'ite-penroseite (grey), clausthalite (pale bluish-white) and klockmannite (deep blue to grey pleochroism) This is from the type specimen: BM 2015,136 Foerster H-J, Bindi L, Stanley C J & Grundmann G Hansblockite, (Cu,Hg)(Bi,Pb)Se2, the monoclinic polymorph of grundmannite: a new mineral from the Se mineralization at El Dragon (Bolivia) (in press Mineralogical Magazine)
Chris Stanley - 13th September 2016
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